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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everyone has rights (repost)

I  took the blame for more then one
and was singled out for what i had done
I spoke up for right was put down as wrong
and so I pen my words in poetic song

if you are courageous and you are
speaking out will earn you a  scar
not letting the crowd  bully their way
will leave you with a price  to pay

if you speak out:  I’m sure you may 
others wil also  have their  say
they'll call you names and put your aside
tell you your wrong and full of pride.

Yet if we're  silent before the wrong 
Freedoms would die out before too long
Only the bullies will rule  the day
The meek, the hurting will have no say.

We are the ones who heal or hurt
Help others rise or feel like dirt
We choose the path that we will walk 
Choose to be silent or choose to talk

If others are wronged before our sight
Will we remain  silent or become a light?
Will we be willing to take some shame,
And defend the dignity of another's name?

Just thought I’d write for it seems to me
There should be more voices for equality
That somehow people should rise up  and say
“Everyone has rights, don’t take them away”


The tears, they fall like a down pour of rain
Memories of the past are causing me pain
I try to ignore them but they wont go away
So I  busy myself while viewing a replay.

No one can hear it  this shouting inside
It causes me fear and I try hard to hide
From all that is happening inside of me
Because of this condition, my PTSD

So don't pass a judgement or censor me
There are so many things you cannot see
Just know that I'm trying to find  my way
To a brighter tomorrow and healthier today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I cannot pretend that yesterday didn't happen

I cannot pretend that yesterday didn't happen
Closing my eyes will never make it all disappear
I can still feel the pain and hear angry words snapping
and the scars tell the stories  no else will ever hear

Should I feel guilty for letting the little child weep inside
For giving her freedoom to talk  after so many years
Is it fair to keep telling her that  she must hush and hide
That her little days of hurt should never come out in tears

Who would put salt on wounds that have been bleeding
Or allow an infection to continue without  cure
The little one inside reveals  what she is needing
And waits for the freedom her healing will secure.

On the outside I smile because  expected to do so
But  the little child inside  is trying to run away
She carries in her bags the reasons she cannot go
And lives like a child inside me to this very day

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank you for who you are to me

           written for the one helping me to heal:
                 good poem for a therapist

You have brought to me a priceless treasure
in the person of who you are
You came into my darkness
and  illuminated my world like a  star
So now I can begin seeing all the things
that were always causing me to fall
And I can begin healing  every hurt
I have known since I was very  small

Thank you for caring enough to help me:
for going beyond that extra mile
For patiently working with me
even when tears were more present than a smile
Thank you for telling me those things
that I may not have wanted to hear
But needed, nonetheless,
so that the path we were taking  was always clear.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Making the best of things

Today, I am coping, with the circumstances of the day
I am not able to ignore them  so must use them in some way
And though some of them are trying and make me want to cry
Every moment brings me closer to that Mansion in the sky

I never received the tools that would make my life a breeze
Instead I struggle through  mishaps that drop me to my knees
Often weeping in  frustration about the things I can't understand
I raise my eyes to the Heavens and beg  the angels to take my hand

So it is that I am pausing at the start of this  new day
While clouds are quickly gathering and the sun is hid away
I prepare myself for stormy weather; the rain has beauty too
I think of all the puddles and the splashing that I can do.

Just as we  have the good times we will also will have the bad
We will have the happy moments and those that'll make us sad
We can choose to let things chain us or  simply set them free
We have so many choices; and we get to choose what they will be.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking time each day..

Gentleness is softly whispering across the world today
As the morning star is rising with its wonderful display
Creatures of every kind have begun their morning  song
They share with us their melody  so  we can get along

If we start our day in harmony  with creation's melody
We will find that love for others will come out  naturally
But if we rush right through the morning's daily routine
We'll find we're later disturbed and say things we don't mean

So it pays to take some pauses before we start our day
To allow the universal rythmn to pour out a peaceful way
In which we can find God's wisdom in everything we do
And remain in that Garden our first parents had  passed through

Saturday, May 26, 2012

There is beauty in the teardrops

There is beauty in the teardrops that are falling from your eyes
 For the angels quickly collect them to create rainbows in the skies;
And though you may not know it, even the most painful suffering;
Has all the musical composition that creation is waiting to sing

So let the teardrops fall now; for there is no need for shame
Each one is your ambassador that brings glory to God's name
And though you may be broken and feeling so very small
It is to those who seem to have nothing that God has given all.

Whenever the storm clouds gather let them come as they may
For the sun is always shining even when the skies are gray
And with the falling raindrops comes the nourishment from above
That is filling  all of creation with a imprint of God's love

Friday, May 25, 2012

Processing the hurt

You had broken me left me feeling so much shame
You had belittled me never calling me by my name
You had mistreated me though I never did you wrong
You had hated me yet called me your friend for so long

You had used me because I never believed you would
You had abused me because you knew that you could
You had humbled and then  made fun of me before all
You had lied to me knowing my mind was still so small

You had threatened me leaving me afraid to face the day
You had cursed me though i had built you up in every way
You had scarred me and made me feel tempted not to love
But I have forgiven you and given you to God's mercy above

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The angels of the night

The sun is slowly fading and the night is drawing near
I venture to my quiet space to see what I can hear.
The stress of all the passing days has taken hold of me
So the silence of my soul is where I really need to be.

I picture in my mind a lake  refreshing, cool and still
And try to rest beside its bank the worries of my will
As I'm reflecting on the peace that whispers silently
I'm asking all the universe to sing a song for me

Closing my eyes I'm listening to creations symphony
While I can see a million angels  reaching out for me
I want to cry a hundred tears and show them all my stress
But  then they take me into their circle of peaceful tenderness

Everything I  wanted to say and every held back tear
I saw inside their golden bags and they told me "do not fear"
So i closed my eyes once more and when i opened them again
My angels friends had disappeared but  left me peace within

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The ride that never came

Looking at these bags reminds me of that place
Memories are so strong:  my heart begins to race
How many times I'd go "down": bags all ready to go
And waited for a driver that never seemed to show

Day after day I'd go down, sit around and wait
From the early afternoon into the night so late
Hours quickly passed by; I kept looking to see
The promised taxi out but no one come for me

Today these bags tug deeply upon my memory
Reminding me of that time they made a fool of me
Tears, they're falling down but I'm trying not to recall
How I waited for a ride that wasn't coming at all

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need for balance

Today I am so tired that my words dont want to rhyme
The clock sounds so noisy as its hands keep the time
I need to back away while I'm trying to find some rest
The soul is seeking silence and has staged its own protest

The whirlwind of  busy-ness makes the room go around
My mind is so  exhausted my thoughts are  tightly bound
I cannot keep this pace for it's   unhealhy as can be
Who will come to help me  and rescue me from me?

The quiet sound of nature is whispering peacefully
Inviting  me to silence which is deep  inside of me
So that I can continue on with tranquil harmony
And not be pulled in by what  isn't good for me

Monday, May 21, 2012

Even in the storm

The storm clouds were gathering in my  skies last night
The lightning was flashing and the thunder gave a fright
Sometimes without  warning great terrors fill the sky
And we are left hoping that the worst willl pass  by.

The rain, when its falling, is  soothing as can be
But let it come in torrents and we have catastrophe
So it is with life and all the seasons that are found
Brushing against  our being as we navigate around.

I hope your day is blessed with weather calm and bright
But if the storm clouds gather let faith  be your light
For He who formed the clouds and allows storms to be
Is also the One who gives life and calms the raging sea.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angels Speak Inside

Hush now, please listen while the angels speak inside
You cannot hear them talking with all that noise outside
Enter into that silence of your soul so deep within
And you will hear the wisdom that made all time begin

Can you hear that silence; it is shouting out to you
Yet you keep on moving and adding to what you do
If you would  make some time for  moments calm and still
You'd  hear the Creators imprint stamped upon your will.

Everywhere the universe is calling out with love
Inviting you to discover the wisdom from above
Why is it hard to take all the time that you need
To tend to that garden where God is wanting to seed

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eden's Song

The spring time brings its treasures and opens up to share
There is beauty and music and sweetness in the air.
How wonderful the picture: creation is all aglow
What happiness to be part of this universal show

Listen ever carefully and hear what you can hear
The blue bird, the robin and everything that is near
The wind is whispering gently touching all with  care
Ponder for a moment how God's love is everywhere.

Every creature that is breathing cries out with one voice
The Eternal and the Infinite One has us here by choice.
Nothing is ever by accident though many may say its so
Everything has its purpose in Heaven and on earth below

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lessons from the Universe

The morning brings the sunshine and beautiful melodies
As birds sing their anthems from their places in the trees
Softy flows the stream of water through the river bed
The wind whispers secrets that the Infinite One has said.

Every creatures has its song and sings it along the way
Yet creation doesn't use a word as it wakens up the day
So much beauty is before us; yet, are we willing to hear
The messages of the universe which are echoing in our ear

Every morning has its lessons that we're  meant to hear
But we must stop to learn them; and allow creation near
If we're running here and there, and never listening within
We become robotic souls and no lessons can ever begin

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do not take abuse

Though you have been wounded by the thoughtless of one
You can find inner healing and repair what has been done
Do not feel that you're stuck in  that nonsense and that hate
Show yourself some love and leave for it is  getting late

You are so much better than the abuser who's hurting you
Do not believe you must take it; embrace something new
Take that step towards healing and walk away from such
Seek refuge with some friends who love you  very much.

When someone hits you violently; leaving  you so sore
Pack your bags immediately : exit out the door
Do not  turn to look back or return to that place again
Until the abuser removes all the demons that are  within

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angels are whispering

Softly the angels are whispering to me
Telling me that God loves me infinitely
Gently they guide me in ways that are right
And watch over my steps whenever it is night

Kindy the angels are correcting my ways
Warning me of danger and the enemy of days
Sweetly they sing to me whenever I sleep
Tenderly they embrace me whenever I weep.

Some think me foolish for believing they care:
These unseen silent spirits, who are everywhere
But I will keep on believing and listening with love
For they carry God's messages to me from above.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Voice of Dementia

I cannot find the words that I am wanting to say
I know what I want but my sentences are on delay
If I appear to be helpless  please try to understand
You'll do me a great service if you just take my hand.

I fell while I was walking in my hallway  today
I finally got back up but then  I couldn't find my way
Everything seemed so different but  all was the same
Things are getting blurry and I don't know my name

Some family got impatient for they were on the run
I dropped some new glasse and came all undone
No one understands why I am taking so much time
Getting older isn't easy: consider well this rhyme

For Us To See

Tomorrow the raindrops that fell upon the ground
Will sparkle on the flowers everywhere around
The storms that interrupted the peace of our night
Will bow to the morning leaving a rainbow in sight.

What colored the sky gray no longer will appear
For morning brings new colors;and a melody we hear
Birds are singing sweetly and greet the newborn day
How I wish I could understand everything they say.

How wonderfully all creation escorts the night and day
The beauty of the universe touches all along the way
Nothing but God's beauty and His deep tranquility
Whispers from the universe and reflects in all we see.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Saying Good bye

Tears in our eyes a hug and a good bye
We say parting words each one of us cry
Years of deep love shared among friends
A new chapter begins: the other one ends

Because of the love, we so freely share
We encourage each other  with gentle care
Each  of us knows the pain and the price
The parting requires, what sacrifice

Tomorrow we'll weep recalling it all
But find courage in giving each other a call
Nothing is forever and one day we'll see
Friends are forever whereever they may be

Sunday, May 13, 2012

These feelings inside

I won't put into writing: all these feelings  inside;
No matter how much they're wanting outside
They're mine for the day, and with them I'll deal:
This day triggers memories, I am needing to heal

What can I say; I am so fragile and so weak
Things from the past make me tempted to speak
But I will not cry out and call back those fears
That have  held me a captive for so many years.

I cannot  deny it or pretend its not real:
The history behind all the things that I feel;
But I'll  try to keep smiling despite all the pain
For God can transform these scars that remain.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

A prayer

I open up to You my heart and let you see the hurt
The things that have humbled me; made me feel like dirt
I let it all come out; surrendering it to Your gaze
Knowing that, just a glance, can erase those hurtful days.

I come humbled by Your love that's enveloping me
I who am not whole am  pursued by Infinity
I am awed by all You do and moved by what I see
Your miracles of grace working with fragility.

I know you are my strength whenever I am weak
You are the words I need whenever I need to speak
You are my everything when there is nothing more
I am lost in all Your wisdom You alone I adore.


God is talking here

Be quiet oh my spirit for God is talking here
Let the sweetness of His voice calm your every fear
Though you do not really know how all will come to be
Trusting in His wisdom will be okay, you'll see

Stop all that murmuring you're  allowing deep inside
Let the calm of His spirit soothe those hurts you hide
Do not be afraid for  the Almighty loves you much
You  can be fully healed just surrender to His touch.

See now how it is to be resting in His grace
What miracles can happen, what changes take place
Yes my fragile being it is never a small thing
To rest in His Spirit without thought of anything.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Morning Glory

What a beautiful melody the birds are singing today
The sun is shining brightly so much beauty along the way
There's happiness in the air as the Spring is gently heard
In sounds that are being chirped out from each and every  bird.

The flowers are now in bloom and  waving to and fro
Reaching out to everyone who passes as they go
Without a word being  spoken flowers can bring a smile
And help the drooping spirit to walk that extra mile

The universe is so alive with everything we need
Always creating beauty and the food we need
We have everything before us:  free gifts of happiness
We have only to look around to see Heaven's tenderness

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cries from Within ( edited)

The scars are so deep that they hurt her even still
No one has ever seen them and no one  ever will
They are tokens of the  silence broken on that  night
Reminder of those things that have escaped the light

So wounded and so broken the child that is  inside
Waits for some permission to bring her things outside
Yet no one ever  takes notice or ventures out to hear
What silences the child:and creates in her such fear.

So ashamed and afraid  she has nowhere left to go
She remains a hidden prisoner of so many years ago
Unable to speak outloud  everything she wants to share
The wounded child cries out but silence fills the air.

Like lungs breathing air

To a quiet place inside I have taken my retreat
Hushed is every thought, the silence is so sweet
After a long day of thoughts running here and there
My soul embraces stillness like lungs breathing air.

Even the noise of thinking can become so very  much
And the soul quickly responds to God's inviting touch
The moments pass by quickly but the soul is unaware
For it is resting gently in God's abiding care.

Time is disappearing and I know I cannot stay
I must come out to face the  remainder of the day
But it  won't be so hectic as it was before my prayer
For in  God my soul goes on like lungs breathing air.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometimes life opens up to us the meadows where flowers and happy things grow
Other times the storm clouds surround us and rains pour down everywhere we go.
Whatever the universe holds out to us, we can  know that we are going to be okay
We have made it this far still breathing; we mustn't let anything get in our way..

LIfe has its own way of teaching us and  every lesson has its own style
Some lessons leave us feeling uplifted and others like we're standing a trial
We mustn't give up in the struggle; when we have accomplished so much this far
We must keep on looking ahead of us and not at some challenging scar.

Today we can start to refocus and adjust how we are going to believe
We can put on a new pair of glasses  and filter  the messages we receive
Sometimes we will need some reminders and angels who come along the way
To remind us that everything is worth it and we should walk while there is day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The secrets I kept

There were so many secrets inside me, that I couldn't ever display
I went through life pretending and hoping they wouldnt get in my way
I never spoke of  them to anyone: all these  hurts so deep  inside
Until I found  myself so broken that I  withdrew from all and cried.

I went through life, the wounded one; but gave to all a smile
Because I was taught to forget myself and go the extra mile
While I was giving  my everything to all who asked of me
I was slowly becoming crippled by things no one could see.

Little by little i wore myself down and became a prey for all
Who took advantage of giving ones and the very small
I didn't know how to  help myself for  I was never tought
That caring for myself was okay:  professional help I sought

Now I'm on the road to recovery, with every secret inside
Freed from the awful place where they were made to always hide
Its not an easy process,  this healing :  for things from so long ago
Tend to keep on trying to reroot as I'm trying to let them go.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank you for caring

My tears they fell you let me cry
Till I was done then helped me dry
The drops that lay upon my cheek
And held my hand and let me speak

You were the one who stopped to care
Opened your heart and began to share
You taught me hope when it was dark
And gave my faith that needed spark

You  took your time and didn't race
You accepted me and my slow pace
Using  the tools of your sweet  trade
You uncovered wounds undisplayed

And so I thank you with this rhyme
Acknowleging every moment of time
You spent on me to help me heal
And for helping me see that love is real.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today is a special day

 Today is a special day, hand selected from God above
Enjoy it as you can for  He has given it to you with love
Make sure to listen carefully to the morning symphony
And you'll come to understand that each day's a destiny.

Breathe in the beauty around you and  let it all soak in
Let the voice of all the universe give strength to your "amen"
Give no room for doubting about the Infinite One Divine
And remember your heart is always the best created shrine

Rejoice in every moment and in every second that will past
Make every hour of this day a memorial that will last
Today is a special day for  it was created just for  you
It is yours to make it treasured by everything you do.

special birthday wishes to those who celebrate today..

Saturday, May 5, 2012

see the rainbow in the skies?

You are in that moment when you feel you are all alone
No one understands you and  no one answers the phone
You are left to all your feelings the fragility of your mind
But do  not give up hoping, for some angel you will find.

Look for some other outlet and try to take a walk
Consider how creation is always ready to talk
The language of the universe is so pure and so unique
It will provide all  the  answers to everything you seek.

Let all  the tiny  teardrops fall from within your  eyes
And then look up bravely, see the rainbow in the skies
Storms are  so very frightening when at first they start
But what they leave behind are all the flowers in the heart.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Painting pictures on my mind...

Each morning, the universe paints pictures on my mind
And whispers that  if I listen true wisdom I can find:
Not in the turning of pages or in many books galore
But in the humble creatures and in creation's store

So I open up my mind and I ready myself to receive
The messages of the Eternal One in whom I so believe
Like  the words that have been written to give my  faith a start
The language of the universe brings God's love to every heart.

No matter what your intellect or limitations may be
Creation  always speak to you with great simplicity
And if you're willing to listen and humble yourself within
The universe will open the path that God would have you in.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quiet rest

I am tired and exhausted, and needing some quiet rest
The events are so overwhelming and yet I do my best
Sometimes I am wishing  I could find some hidden place
Where the conflict and the troubles won't invade my space

I am simply not interested in the noise of our day
A quiet moonlit evening does more than words can say
I don't need a mansion or  a mountain of things
Happiness comes to me each time the  sparrow sings

Sometimes  I think we're programmed by the Lord Divine
To find our greatest peace in His Eternal shine
So that when we're  reaching out for something that is less
We find that we're  unsatisfied and far from Happiness.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When you are looking at people...

When you  are looking at people what do you see
Do you see some sort of label or some opportunity
By what do you judge folks and how do you decide
Who can be your friend now and who will be denied?

Do you look at the surface; is race where you begin
Does your kindness depend on the color of skin?
Do you look at the gender; for people  who are straight
If someone is bi-sexual do you show them the gate?

What are your boundaries for those drawing near
Are they really  reasonable or   built out of fear
How many people were considered out of your range
Because they were different and unable to change

Could you be  more flexible when sharing your love
After all we were all created by the same God above
It doesn't really matter if one's black or one's white
Homosexual or straight; it can  all be alright

We aren't supposed to be judges with  gavels in hand
But people who are loving and trying to understand
Letting go of the labels and our ideas about right
Will give everyone a chance to be recipients of light.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Each person is so precious

Each person is  so preciuos every person is unique
No matter what their color or the language that they speak
Everyone is a treasure that has come from God above
No one should be neglected or denied the right to love

It doesn't really matter if one is rich or one is poor
Everyone is deserving of love and  so much more
The reason why there's hatred in this world of ours today
Is so  many people want everyone to live their  narrow  way.

Everyone is so different in how they've come to be
Yet everyone is needed in this great humanity
The color of one's skin or how one chooses to  love
Should never be the  label by which they're  spoken of

So take some time today to reach out to one another
Recognizing in each person, your sister and your brother
We're all but one family, though miles and miles apart
Peace will come to us if we give it a place to start.