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Monday, April 9, 2012

you're not feeling well?

Today you are not feeling well you're feeling so much pain
The clouds are hovering  around you but there isn't any rain
You're  laid out in your bed with  with all the pill bottles  around
Hoping  that the silence will continue to drown out any sound

You're thinking of the things you'd do if you were feeling better
You reach across the blankets and take hold of  an opened letter
Than you grab your texting unit and shoot across the miles
Your sick beyond your mortal strength but try to make some smiles

Coughing up a storm  inside your throat is feeling  raw
The news is speaking about something people think they saw
You sleep awhile and wake again and try to take some food
Then you're called about some silly things; people can be so rude

You cover up and close your eyes and think about the day
DId you really get the rest you needed or was there a better way
Tomorrow is another day and you'll get a chance to choose
To head off to work not feeling well or stay home with the news.

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