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Friday, April 13, 2012

Where should I go?

What should I do where should I go what is the Divine plan for me
Many invite, many instruct; but who can tell me where I should be
Fragile of heart, simple of soul, things of this world don't mean a thing
Take me to a place where flowers and trees help create the music birds sing

The world is so full of promising things and having them challenges everyone
Everything is fading and ever disappearing after such things I  dont want to  run
Quiet little creatures and gentle flowing waters :  a tiny litte out of way place
Such are the things that are captivating to me such is where I'd find special grace

Where should I go, what should I do; this is my constant daily prayer
Nothing outside or sparkling with light has anything for which I could care
My heart it is longing, my soul it is pining  for the purity of things so  divine
Everything else simply helps me create a bridge from God's Heart  over to mine.

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