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Monday, April 16, 2012

What we leave behind

Each day we are present to people around us how do we show them our love
Are we kind and always forgiving;  Do we lift  other people's spirits above?
How do we greet them? How do we meet them? What are the words that we say?
Do we sparkle with kindness overlook blindness do we advocate for others each day?

When others come near us what will they experience  are we true beacons of love?
What can we be giving when ever we're hearing people  being  ill spoken of?
We are the ones who  will be painting an image on the paths of  those we will  meet
What colors will we sprinkle upon their life canvas will others find us to be sweet?

Think before speaking listen while hearing so that nothing ever needs to be redone
Weigh every intention with a bit of prevention so your words don't haphazardly run
Life is worth living so slow down your  rhythm; pace yourself with an unhurried time
For life is a poem we're all carefully writing one day others will hear your rhyme.


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