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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A crisp cool air is blowing and brushing against my face
While birds  are chirping away with the sweetest grace
The night is taking its flight while the morning  star does rise
A gentle glow of warmth leaves its tracks across the skies

The obligations of morning  have finally all begun
I'm not feeling very well but must get them all done
So I'm taking out the trash and the clock is striking five
And thinking of my God:  how wonderful  to be alive

Next there are my kitties they're prancing all around
If I don't feed them soon I'll hear some angry sound
So I lay out all the dishes and show them all some love
Though my legs may be moving:  it's bed I'm thinking of

Coffee is now brewing and the vitamins of the day
Are calling out my name saying:  "put us all away"
So I take my daily pills  and drink some coffee too
It's a little  before six now;  there's nothing left to do

So I calm my mind and heart and close my sleepy eyes
As I await my morning visit from the Creator of the skies
He isn't announced by trumpets or   some mighty blast
But rather enters with silence and speaks of what will last

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