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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Stranger along the way

They walked there beside Him and spoke of their grief
They spoke about Jesus and spoke of their belief
 They told of the happenings and how Jesus had died
They even pointed out the place where  He was crucified

The Stranger He listened and spoke  of God's Ways
How some things had to happen before  brighter days
And He  shared from the scriptures the stories of old
And helped them to see how everything was foretold

After walking awhile, the Stranger had to depart;
But they invited Him to supper; He had so touched their heart
He agreed to go with them and they sat down to some bread
And the stranger raised it and blessed it and each one was fed

By morning He was gone but they felt  different inside
And they began to recall how they had met Him outside
How His words warmed them deeply and  helped them to see
They realized then it was Jesus, that  the stranger was He..

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