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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Needing some quiet moments

I am needing some quiet moments I'm needing some space
I'm needing some time out in some quiet and  unknown place
Oh take me from this rat race; take me from this busy-ness
Oh take me somewhere  i can be free from all the pettiness

I am overwhelmed by  the happenings and  finding it  hard to sleep
 I am overtaken by  circumstances; wading through things so deep
I cannot stop the unstoppable;   providence is willing it to be
Please take me  from this aftermath to some very quiet sea

Be silent  for awhile please and  be silent my thoughts inside
Silence is so   inviting now that  I'm  feeling the need to hide
I'm not so good with  noisy-ness; and  don't do good with speed
Please take me somewhere I can slow down and go the pace I need


  1. I think we all need moments like this from time to time. :-)

  2. Yes.. we do.. Right now the need is very strong in me. Take care :



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