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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My morning routine

How gently the morning is calling out to me
Wake from you sleep now there's so much to see
Whispering most quietly the sound of my name
The wind touches me lightly and echoes the same

Soft are the sun beams that dance on my face
Hurry and dress now each moment's a grace
Birds are in harmony as they let out their song
I'll be up in a moment, it won't be too long.

The cats are all scampering and wanting to eat
Waiting to hear me say " who wants a treat"
Barely I'm up and they are all over me
How wonderful these creatures have turned out to be

Having fed my dear blessings I am ready for me
It's time for some coffee as strong as can be
Perking predictably my coffee pot sings
Your caffeine is ready, what energy it brings.

Fueled for the morning I am ready to rest
In  the quiet of my being with my special guest
There I will listen as my  lessons begin
To the spirit who whispers deep down within.

The are things that arent  mentioned as part of this rhyme
But it doesn' t mean they haven't had a portion of my time
Things that are beautifu or helpful in some way
Are what I like to include in the poem of each day.

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