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Friday, April 6, 2012

Jesus would never beg His people to let Him go

Pilate pulled Jesus out for all Jerusalem to see:
"Is this what you  wanted what you wanted of me"
He was a mass of wounds, bleeding from head to toe
But Jesus would never beg His people to let Him go

Instead He would become God's Lamb upon that day
The crowds called for His death and He was led away
Upon His trembling back a heavy cross was thrown
And Jesus began to die while mocked by His very own

He stumbled and He fell and lay helpless on the ground
Jesus  was completely motionless in silence He was found
The soldiers pulled Him up and pushed Him along the way
Jesus could hardly walk but He carried His cross that day

The sound of tearing flesh was echoing everywhere
As Jesus' hands and feet were fastened down with care
His cross was lifted up and then dropped it into its place
The crowd continued to mock Him it was such a disgrace

Weeping beneath His cross His mother Mary was there
Tears were her surrender as death filtered through  the air
In her arms she held Him like she had done  at His birth
This was her little Boy the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Its easy to shake our heads as we recall that dreadful day
And think how awful it was that Jesus was done that way
But He continues to die when the world's broken cry and call
And whenever we choose to be hateful instead of loving to all

What will we do we do with this story as we relive it  again
As we see inside our minds Calvary's awful  price for sin
Will we promise to make some changes :will this be the year?
What is the purpose of Good Friday why is it so very dear?

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