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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Have you broken your promises?

Have you broken all your promises  you made to your good friend
Have you turned and walked away when you said  it wouldn't end
How will you   recreate the harmony between you two
How will you mend the  broken heart; what do you plan to do?.

You have so many explanations  to give for what you've done
Are there any real good reasons; can you tell me even one
You have so many excuses that sound like : me and my
What about the other person, did you even really try?

When you make a promise its a sacred thing to do
Walking away from it destroys something inside of you
A promise comes from the heart and enters deep within
The heart of the recipient allowing  a bonding to begin

If you plan to make more promises think about it within
Can you stick to what you say or will you fall again
Promises shouldn't be made with loopholes here and there
They are  meant to be forever and created with thoughtful care


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