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Saturday, April 7, 2012

God is calling

See here, I give You my heart; I open it for you
Won't you visit me with some words that are true
Don't worry about what to say I'm happy just to see
That you're  taking some time out to be alone with me

You say you have  many burdens so many things to do
Yet you never tell me of them,  I want to hear from you
Even if for little while you can portion out some time
I love to have you with Me, we'd speak of things Sublime.

Perhaps you could come daily, just to take some rest
I love to have you with Me as My very special guest.
I often watch out for you, as you run right through the day
How often have I called to you: won't you come and pray

You don't need special buildings  or a special  line of prayer
Just enter into your heart and  I'll be waiting right there
Tell Me all you want to or you can say nothing at all
I'm wanting to spend time with you; can't you hear Me call?


  1. Thank you Jan, I have been behind on my own replies and comments but God is making some spaces of time for me.. I appreciate your words.


  2. Thank you darling Joy!! I LOVE THIS ONE!


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment