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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Go tell them I am risen

With the images of that day still vivid before her eyes
A voice from a distance surely  caught Mary by surpise
"Why do you seek the living where you will find the dead?"
"Go tell them that  I'm risen ; I have done what I have said"

Mary could not believe it; that someone was speaking  to her
She was only half convinced of it and the other half unsure
"Please tell me where you have laid Him; so I can go and see,
I have the ointments for His Burial and  treatment for His Body"

Jesus walked up closer and with the tenderness from above
Whispered Mary's name as He had done so often with Love
He didn't have to say more for the way in which He had spoken
Opened up her eyes  and soothed  her  heart that was broken.

She wanted to reach out to Him and hold Him  very near
But Jesus told her:  Don't touch Me; until I come back here
I must go to My heavenly Father but I'll  be  back some day
You must  carry the News now to my followers along the way

So Mary took off running as Jesus disappeared from  sight
And spoke of the wonderful things she learned at  morning's light
Many thought  she was crazy but others ran off to  see
The empty spot and tomb where Jesus was suppose to be.

Like Mary they found it empty and have also  testified
That Jesus was truly risen, the One that  they  crucified
We too are also invited to go back there and  see
Why it is we celebrate Easter what it means to you and me.

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