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Friday, April 20, 2012

The day is just waking

The day is just waking and starting to sing
A gentle glow of light is touching everything
The birds create music that is sweet as can be
How will you take part in this beautiful symphony?

The wind it does whisper and call out your name:
"Come listen to my wisdom, take part in my game;
Ride on in my breezes, and see where you'll go"
The wind has no direction and so much to show.

Touched by the sunlight and reaching to the sky
The flowers and the trees are inviting you and I
So much beauty around them and also within
Creation is calling out: "let the morning begin"

Will today be the day that you stop for a while
Take a look at creation and its beautiful style
What part of the universe will stick in your mind
Take a moment to ponder and see what you'll find.

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