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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Challenge

The challenge before you is hard and you don't know how you'll get by
Your legs are not long enough and the bar is simply too  high
There's  no one around to help you:  before you is a towering wall
 How are you going to get over it when there's no one around to call?

The first thought may be one of panic as  reality is sinking in
Then you might start to imagine just how climbing it will begin
Though you may not really  be cut out for it; its obvious as can be
You're being faced with a dilema that requires  great ingenuity

 So will you stand there staring at the wall that is  so high
Or will you take on the challenge and reach up for the sky
Call upon your angels and trust in their wings so strong
They be right there to assist you lifting you as you go along

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