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Monday, April 30, 2012

Before the rush..

The soft golden glow of the sun awakens me
While the  cool crisp air is flowing  peacefully
Robins jump around singing out a tender song
Watching for their breakfast; it wont be very long

Clouds seem to be gathering for a meeting or two
Butteflies are fluttering without anything to do
Bees are busy buzzing and ants are having fun;
Flowers are reaching out for the warmth of the sun.

All creation's  moving but without a quickened pace
There's  never any hurry; the creatures do not race
But inside the many houses of this vast humanity
People rush around:  life's mysteries fail to see.

The universe is tranquil and invites us to be still:
"Pause for just a moment; and then rush as  you will"
If we're running around; pushing everything   aside
We'll never see the beauty of the world thats outside.

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