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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alone with my thoughts

What  is it that's so important in life when all is said and done
What is it that really matters to us as we watch  the morning sun
We have so much that's told to us:  about what makes for happiness
But what is it that  we should be believing in and what is foolishness?

I take a breath and hold it deep so that I can create some sense
I slowly release it out again and send out what  makes me tense
As I do this I am thinking about the words I'm hearing all around
And wondering which ones matter the most, and which are merely sound

Sometime I get myself all stuck in the thoughts that touch my mind
And find myself wrestling them all because of things in them I find
But thinking is not such a very bad thing because it challenges me
To consider the thing that lie hidden inside the apparent reality .

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