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Monday, April 30, 2012

Before the rush..

The soft golden glow of the sun awakens me
While the  cool crisp air is flowing  peacefully
Robins jump around singing out a tender song
Watching for their breakfast; it wont be very long

Clouds seem to be gathering for a meeting or two
Butteflies are fluttering without anything to do
Bees are busy buzzing and ants are having fun;
Flowers are reaching out for the warmth of the sun.

All creation's  moving but without a quickened pace
There's  never any hurry; the creatures do not race
But inside the many houses of this vast humanity
People rush around:  life's mysteries fail to see.

The universe is tranquil and invites us to be still:
"Pause for just a moment; and then rush as  you will"
If we're running around; pushing everything   aside
We'll never see the beauty of the world thats outside.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

There is a road that leads to Heaven

there is a road that leads to heaven
where the just are truly free
If you look you will  find it
it is  the road to calvary

Are you lonely and foresaken
Do you feel that you've lost the way
Do not fear the path you've taken
There is a stilll a

there is a road that leads to heaven
where the just are truly free
If you look you will find it
It is the road to Calvary

When you find that you have fallen
And no one seems to understand
Listen carefully for He's calling
Jesus waits with outstretched hand

there is a road that leads to heaven
where the just are truly free
If you look you will find it
It is the road to Calvary

When the world has left your broken
And the well has all gone dry
Remember how He once had spoken
"Do not fear for it is I."

there is a road that leads to heaven
where the just are truly free
If you look you will find it
It is the road to Calvary

He will gently lift and take you
From that broken-ness inside
Open up and let Him into
Every place that you have cried.

there is a road that leads to heaven
where the just are truly free
If you look you will find it
It is the road to Calvary

You have become a new creation
In His  Spirit you can be
A voice that calls out to the nation
"Turn to God and you'll be free"

there is a road that leads to heaven
where the just are truly free
If you look you will find it
It is the road to Calvary

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My morning routine

How gently the morning is calling out to me
Wake from you sleep now there's so much to see
Whispering most quietly the sound of my name
The wind touches me lightly and echoes the same

Soft are the sun beams that dance on my face
Hurry and dress now each moment's a grace
Birds are in harmony as they let out their song
I'll be up in a moment, it won't be too long.

The cats are all scampering and wanting to eat
Waiting to hear me say " who wants a treat"
Barely I'm up and they are all over me
How wonderful these creatures have turned out to be

Having fed my dear blessings I am ready for me
It's time for some coffee as strong as can be
Perking predictably my coffee pot sings
Your caffeine is ready, what energy it brings.

Fueled for the morning I am ready to rest
In  the quiet of my being with my special guest
There I will listen as my  lessons begin
To the spirit who whispers deep down within.

The are things that arent  mentioned as part of this rhyme
But it doesn' t mean they haven't had a portion of my time
Things that are beautifu or helpful in some way
Are what I like to include in the poem of each day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Every day is different

Every day is different and every day is new
What it will become depends alot on you
Sometimes the sun creates a quiet gentle glow
Other times the rain helps the flowers grow

Whether there is sunshine or a pouring rain
Cannot change our peace; in it we can remain.
We're  the ones responding to our  destiny:
Nothing can interfere with who were meant to be.

Today is a new day and now is our special hour
What will we be doing : how utilize our power
Time is passing quickly:  soon it will be night
How will we spend our moments and live inside the light?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

clouds in my sky

Tears are falling down my eyes, sorrows are in my heart
Things are hiding inside of me that are  tearing me apart
I wish I could understand it all; things  that come my way
I have to find my safe place so I can hear what  angels say

I'm feeling so very weak inside;  my appetite is poor
I'm needing time to take a break I cannot take on more
Sometimes I am  so fragile that my mind begins to cry
Others shake their heads at me and even question why?

Have you ever had a day when nothing comes out right
When you are trying to see the sun and all  you see is night?
I'm  in that very place right now and calling out "code blue"
Come oh angels, come right now; I am so in need of you..


Today it is stormy

Today it is stormy and thunder has begun to sound
The lighting is flashing and dark clouds are all around
Darkness is taking over; while the day is dressed in gray
Come quickly all you angels; and keep all danger away

There won't be any sunshine because of all the rain
So I won't be going out. in this place I'll  remain
A cup of tea with honey and  keeping busy while inside:
Will keep me from  the noisyness that's  happening outside.

I know that after storms there are rainbows in the sky
So I'll keep all  this in mind as the noisy winds pass by
Not every day can be  sunny; or will every sky be blue;
But peacefulness is found inside; this is very true.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Angels

All God' children have angels who are  ever by their side
Angels have been present every time that we have cried
Angels have kept the records of our laughter and our tears
Everything has been  recorded by our angels throughout the years

Every smile and every kindness, everything that makes us fall
Has been  lifted up to Heaven by the good guardians of us all
No teardrops have ever splashed down that our angels didn't hear
Everything about us has been transposed into a melody most dear.

Though at times it may be lonesome along the path we   walk
We all know that we have angels  with whom we can always talk
Though invisible to our vision they are ever before God's sight
Watching over our every movement and directing us to the Light..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inside the quiet places

Inside the  quiet places, of your heart so deep within
A journey and a new life is so longing  to begin
Push aside  the hustling and the bustling of each day
Let the Spirit speak within you It has so much to say

 Can you hear the silent whisper,  that moves around inside
You will have to quiet down, and  withdaw from all outside
Close your eyes to what is finite,  and grasp what will not end
O listen to  the  messages,  that the Spirit is trying to send

Softly moving within your openness God's wisdom lights a fire
Come away from what is temporal and reach for what is Higher
Not for things that are passing, should your soul ever belong
But rather for the Eternal you shoud become His pefect song.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Old man winter snuck in today

Old man winter has snuck in today
We thought for sure he had gone away
But back to town he has come again
With  cold, chilly weather; our day will begin.

Robins continue to build their nest
Despite the arrival of this frosty guest
The grass is speckled with icy white
And creepy crawlers are filled with fright.

Despite it all the sun does shine
And is warming up to this heart of mine
The sky is blue even with all the chill
And icycles  beautify the  window sill.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

kindness, peace and love

The pen is resting on the paper thoughts are slow today
I'm waiting for my heart to speak up and tell me what to say
Silence has taken up a place; within my soul and mind
Patience will be the passage way that leads me to a find.

Slowly emerging from my heart a quiet sigh does rise
Words of kindness, love and peace appear before my eyes
So putting down my pen to write my soul begins to sing
Let the universe be always  blessed by every living thing

 Peace and kindness, love and right: make for perfect  harmony
May these treasures be always found inside both you and  me
Everything else that comes and go will quickly pass away
But kindness love and peace will last beyond our earthly day.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What are your secrets?

What are the secrets that send forth your tears
Holding you prisoner while clouding your years
Share if you want to the  sorrows  within
Let out all the captive so new life can begin

What are the secrets that cause you to weep
Things that disturb you whenever you sleep
What keeps you so  fearful unable to smile
Tell me if you want to I'm here for awhile

What are your secrets that live deep within
Allowing you to be hurt  again and again
Why are you so fearful of letting me see
Secrets so painful need to be let free.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The day is just waking

The day is just waking and starting to sing
A gentle glow of light is touching everything
The birds create music that is sweet as can be
How will you take part in this beautiful symphony?

The wind it does whisper and call out your name:
"Come listen to my wisdom, take part in my game;
Ride on in my breezes, and see where you'll go"
The wind has no direction and so much to show.

Touched by the sunlight and reaching to the sky
The flowers and the trees are inviting you and I
So much beauty around them and also within
Creation is calling out: "let the morning begin"

Will today be the day that you stop for a while
Take a look at creation and its beautiful style
What part of the universe will stick in your mind
Take a moment to ponder and see what you'll find.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The night rest

The golden star of morning has become the evening sun
The unassuming moon tells us  the day is finally  done
Creatures of the sunlight are scampering   off to sleep
While  nightly animals rouse up from their rest so deep.

Slowly disappearing the daylight   fades away
While darkness prepares the sky for its evening display
Gentle breezes are whispering and touching all around
Crickets and the night owls have such a beautiful sound

 Good night  sleeping world and you that are  awake
In my little part of the world   some rest I'll need to take
I hope to see you again   at the rising of the sun
When all the birds are singing and the new day has begun

Have you broken your promises?

Have you broken all your promises  you made to your good friend
Have you turned and walked away when you said  it wouldn't end
How will you   recreate the harmony between you two
How will you mend the  broken heart; what do you plan to do?.

You have so many explanations  to give for what you've done
Are there any real good reasons; can you tell me even one
You have so many excuses that sound like : me and my
What about the other person, did you even really try?

When you make a promise its a sacred thing to do
Walking away from it destroys something inside of you
A promise comes from the heart and enters deep within
The heart of the recipient allowing  a bonding to begin

If you plan to make more promises think about it within
Can you stick to what you say or will you fall again
Promises shouldn't be made with loopholes here and there
They are  meant to be forever and created with thoughtful care


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Sparrows

 softly chirping in the breeze
little birds in  quiet trees
singing with their sounds so pure
must be sparrows but I'm not sure

have you heard them every day
do you   wonder what they say
bright and early with the sun
their songs are heard by everyone

when you hear them as they sing
are you thinking of anything
or does their music pass you by
would you listen would you try ?

stop and listen if you will
when the morning's calm and still
tell me if you do not hear
little sparrows loud and clear

Monday, April 16, 2012

What we leave behind

Each day we are present to people around us how do we show them our love
Are we kind and always forgiving;  Do we lift  other people's spirits above?
How do we greet them? How do we meet them? What are the words that we say?
Do we sparkle with kindness overlook blindness do we advocate for others each day?

When others come near us what will they experience  are we true beacons of love?
What can we be giving when ever we're hearing people  being  ill spoken of?
We are the ones who  will be painting an image on the paths of  those we will  meet
What colors will we sprinkle upon their life canvas will others find us to be sweet?

Think before speaking listen while hearing so that nothing ever needs to be redone
Weigh every intention with a bit of prevention so your words don't haphazardly run
Life is worth living so slow down your  rhythm; pace yourself with an unhurried time
For life is a poem we're all carefully writing one day others will hear your rhyme.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Morning

Beautiful creatures sing out their morning praise
Acknowledging their Creator the Maker of days
Slowly the morning star is coloring  the sky
The spirit of God whispers in the wind passing by

Rising from the slumber of our dear passing night
We join all of creation in their symphony of light
Raising our voices as we are uniting in prayer
We praise the Father the Son and the Spirit with care

Quieting our spirits before the throne of God's Grace
We allow God's word to enter; His miracles take place
The life of our Savior  the Eternal One's Son
Is what draws us together conversion's are begun

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Even when the skies are grey

Gentle raindrops are quietly dancing around the world outside
Their ryhthm and their sound is so soothing to  my heart  inside
Listening to mother  earth as she is awakening  from her sleep
Is creating in my heart memories  that I am wanting to keep.

The sun is hiding behind  the clouds that are gathered about today
Yet there is a certain beauty to be found, even when the skies are grey
The storms shake up the soil that had been frozen by the winter chill
And give the earth the moisture she needs to stretch out and move at will

How wonderful it is to watch creation as she  is evolving each and every  day
There is so much mystery and so much  wonder to be seen along the way
From the tiniest creatures that crawl about to the mountains that are so  tall
So much can be learned and admired by anyone: be they great or small.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Where should I go?

What should I do where should I go what is the Divine plan for me
Many invite, many instruct; but who can tell me where I should be
Fragile of heart, simple of soul, things of this world don't mean a thing
Take me to a place where flowers and trees help create the music birds sing

The world is so full of promising things and having them challenges everyone
Everything is fading and ever disappearing after such things I  dont want to  run
Quiet little creatures and gentle flowing waters :  a tiny litte out of way place
Such are the things that are captivating to me such is where I'd find special grace

Where should I go, what should I do; this is my constant daily prayer
Nothing outside or sparkling with light has anything for which I could care
My heart it is longing, my soul it is pining  for the purity of things so  divine
Everything else simply helps me create a bridge from God's Heart  over to mine.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

No more fighting please..

Oh take me away and let me rest for awhile
The noise and the fuss has carried me a mile
Oh why can there not be just a little more  peace
Why can't we all settle down for just a moment please

We're fighting about this and we're fighting about that
We can hardly even tell where we are standing at
Where did this all begin and where will it ever end
Why can't we all get along and be willing to bend?

There is so much of the arguing and so much unrest
Don't we know in our hearts that love is the best
But no one will hear it because no one is wrong?
It's better to be right than to learn how to get alone?

Oh take me away and let me rest for awhile
The noise and the fuss has lasted a mile
I want there to be peace; I want there to be love
Is it too unrealistic a request to be  speaking of?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Challenge

The challenge before you is hard and you don't know how you'll get by
Your legs are not long enough and the bar is simply too  high
There's  no one around to help you:  before you is a towering wall
 How are you going to get over it when there's no one around to call?

The first thought may be one of panic as  reality is sinking in
Then you might start to imagine just how climbing it will begin
Though you may not really  be cut out for it; its obvious as can be
You're being faced with a dilema that requires  great ingenuity

 So will you stand there staring at the wall that is  so high
Or will you take on the challenge and reach up for the sky
Call upon your angels and trust in their wings so strong
They be right there to assist you lifting you as you go along

If you will..

Take in the beauty of the day that is now  breaking upon you
Look around and see how much wisdom and love is shining through
The birds they are singing a beautiful melody that wakens all  creation
And a gentle breeze is whispering  to all without any hesitation

The trees so majestic and strong soften the warming rays of the sun
Plants of all sizes and shapes give calm and peace to almost everyone
Creatures of the day are scampering around running here and there.
The universe is ever welcoming and inviting: extending to all it's  care

Pause for a moment now and listen with all your being to the world outside
Hear in your heart every movement of the universe let it soothe you  inside
Not like any other sounds are those which mother earth chooses to play
Her music is the only one that can chase all your hurts and sorrows away

If you are stressed and find that you are needing some more inner peace
Perhaps a change of your schedule can be a starting point for some release
If you pass through the day without some time for silence within your soul
You may be allowing the temporal to create for you an unrealistic goal

Only through the balancing of time spent outside with time spent within
Can harmony and peace create in you a rythmn that allows true beauty in
Then you will appreciate what you have so often never stopped to see
And become one with the universe which is the secret to tranquility.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A crisp cool air is blowing and brushing against my face
While birds  are chirping away with the sweetest grace
The night is taking its flight while the morning  star does rise
A gentle glow of warmth leaves its tracks across the skies

The obligations of morning  have finally all begun
I'm not feeling very well but must get them all done
So I'm taking out the trash and the clock is striking five
And thinking of my God:  how wonderful  to be alive

Next there are my kitties they're prancing all around
If I don't feed them soon I'll hear some angry sound
So I lay out all the dishes and show them all some love
Though my legs may be moving:  it's bed I'm thinking of

Coffee is now brewing and the vitamins of the day
Are calling out my name saying:  "put us all away"
So I take my daily pills  and drink some coffee too
It's a little  before six now;  there's nothing left to do

So I calm my mind and heart and close my sleepy eyes
As I await my morning visit from the Creator of the skies
He isn't announced by trumpets or   some mighty blast
But rather enters with silence and speaks of what will last

Monday, April 9, 2012

you're not feeling well?

Today you are not feeling well you're feeling so much pain
The clouds are hovering  around you but there isn't any rain
You're  laid out in your bed with  with all the pill bottles  around
Hoping  that the silence will continue to drown out any sound

You're thinking of the things you'd do if you were feeling better
You reach across the blankets and take hold of  an opened letter
Than you grab your texting unit and shoot across the miles
Your sick beyond your mortal strength but try to make some smiles

Coughing up a storm  inside your throat is feeling  raw
The news is speaking about something people think they saw
You sleep awhile and wake again and try to take some food
Then you're called about some silly things; people can be so rude

You cover up and close your eyes and think about the day
DId you really get the rest you needed or was there a better way
Tomorrow is another day and you'll get a chance to choose
To head off to work not feeling well or stay home with the news.

The Stranger along the way

They walked there beside Him and spoke of their grief
They spoke about Jesus and spoke of their belief
 They told of the happenings and how Jesus had died
They even pointed out the place where  He was crucified

The Stranger He listened and spoke  of God's Ways
How some things had to happen before  brighter days
And He  shared from the scriptures the stories of old
And helped them to see how everything was foretold

After walking awhile, the Stranger had to depart;
But they invited Him to supper; He had so touched their heart
He agreed to go with them and they sat down to some bread
And the stranger raised it and blessed it and each one was fed

By morning He was gone but they felt  different inside
And they began to recall how they had met Him outside
How His words warmed them deeply and  helped them to see
They realized then it was Jesus, that  the stranger was He..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alone with my thoughts

What  is it that's so important in life when all is said and done
What is it that really matters to us as we watch  the morning sun
We have so much that's told to us:  about what makes for happiness
But what is it that  we should be believing in and what is foolishness?

I take a breath and hold it deep so that I can create some sense
I slowly release it out again and send out what  makes me tense
As I do this I am thinking about the words I'm hearing all around
And wondering which ones matter the most, and which are merely sound

Sometime I get myself all stuck in the thoughts that touch my mind
And find myself wrestling them all because of things in them I find
But thinking is not such a very bad thing because it challenges me
To consider the thing that lie hidden inside the apparent reality .

Go tell them I am risen

With the images of that day still vivid before her eyes
A voice from a distance surely  caught Mary by surpise
"Why do you seek the living where you will find the dead?"
"Go tell them that  I'm risen ; I have done what I have said"

Mary could not believe it; that someone was speaking  to her
She was only half convinced of it and the other half unsure
"Please tell me where you have laid Him; so I can go and see,
I have the ointments for His Burial and  treatment for His Body"

Jesus walked up closer and with the tenderness from above
Whispered Mary's name as He had done so often with Love
He didn't have to say more for the way in which He had spoken
Opened up her eyes  and soothed  her  heart that was broken.

She wanted to reach out to Him and hold Him  very near
But Jesus told her:  Don't touch Me; until I come back here
I must go to My heavenly Father but I'll  be  back some day
You must  carry the News now to my followers along the way

So Mary took off running as Jesus disappeared from  sight
And spoke of the wonderful things she learned at  morning's light
Many thought  she was crazy but others ran off to  see
The empty spot and tomb where Jesus was suppose to be.

Like Mary they found it empty and have also  testified
That Jesus was truly risen, the One that  they  crucified
We too are also invited to go back there and  see
Why it is we celebrate Easter what it means to you and me.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Going to the lakeside

I am going to the lakeside to ponder and be still
My heart has been racing and so has my will
I'm needing some tranquility and some gentle grace
Come oh quiet waters and carry me to that place.

Take me into the emptiness that leads my soul to  song
And I'll slip into the silence for which my heart does long
There within the peacefulness that keeps away the noise
I contemplate the Eternal One who speaks without a voice.

I'm listening to the quietness and trying to breathe again
Inhaling all the good reminders letting them all sink in
Exhaling every hurtful thing I'm trying to so hard to be
More kind and caring to that child that's still inside of me

God is calling

See here, I give You my heart; I open it for you
Won't you visit me with some words that are true
Don't worry about what to say I'm happy just to see
That you're  taking some time out to be alone with me

You say you have  many burdens so many things to do
Yet you never tell me of them,  I want to hear from you
Even if for little while you can portion out some time
I love to have you with Me, we'd speak of things Sublime.

Perhaps you could come daily, just to take some rest
I love to have you with Me as My very special guest.
I often watch out for you, as you run right through the day
How often have I called to you: won't you come and pray

You don't need special buildings  or a special  line of prayer
Just enter into your heart and  I'll be waiting right there
Tell Me all you want to or you can say nothing at all
I'm wanting to spend time with you; can't you hear Me call?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jesus would never beg His people to let Him go

Pilate pulled Jesus out for all Jerusalem to see:
"Is this what you  wanted what you wanted of me"
He was a mass of wounds, bleeding from head to toe
But Jesus would never beg His people to let Him go

Instead He would become God's Lamb upon that day
The crowds called for His death and He was led away
Upon His trembling back a heavy cross was thrown
And Jesus began to die while mocked by His very own

He stumbled and He fell and lay helpless on the ground
Jesus  was completely motionless in silence He was found
The soldiers pulled Him up and pushed Him along the way
Jesus could hardly walk but He carried His cross that day

The sound of tearing flesh was echoing everywhere
As Jesus' hands and feet were fastened down with care
His cross was lifted up and then dropped it into its place
The crowd continued to mock Him it was such a disgrace

Weeping beneath His cross His mother Mary was there
Tears were her surrender as death filtered through  the air
In her arms she held Him like she had done  at His birth
This was her little Boy the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Its easy to shake our heads as we recall that dreadful day
And think how awful it was that Jesus was done that way
But He continues to die when the world's broken cry and call
And whenever we choose to be hateful instead of loving to all

What will we do we do with this story as we relive it  again
As we see inside our minds Calvary's awful  price for sin
Will we promise to make some changes :will this be the year?
What is the purpose of Good Friday why is it so very dear?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

That God could notice me

I tremble and I weep and I stand in humble awe
Recalling all the moments and everything I saw
I cannot understand it that God should notice me
Insignificant and  timid how can this ever be.

I have nothing to account for am simple as can be
I'm not popular or articulate I am nothing more than me
If I tried with all my being I'd still come out being  poor
For  I happy having nothing though God is giving more

Life is like a mystery:  always becoming new
So much is unseen so much discovering to do
Overwhelmed and amazed by what I've come to see
I marvel and I wonder how God could  notice me

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Needing some quiet moments

I am needing some quiet moments I'm needing some space
I'm needing some time out in some quiet and  unknown place
Oh take me from this rat race; take me from this busy-ness
Oh take me somewhere  i can be free from all the pettiness

I am overwhelmed by  the happenings and  finding it  hard to sleep
 I am overtaken by  circumstances; wading through things so deep
I cannot stop the unstoppable;   providence is willing it to be
Please take me  from this aftermath to some very quiet sea

Be silent  for awhile please and  be silent my thoughts inside
Silence is so   inviting now that  I'm  feeling the need to hide
I'm not so good with  noisy-ness; and  don't do good with speed
Please take me somewhere I can slow down and go the pace I need

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The darkness didn't overcome the light

The day was clouded by the night
And so it was hard to see the Light
But Jesus came and pushed that all away

The thunder clapped with great noise
But the Almighty sounded forth His voice
Announcing Peace was finally here to stay

The tears that fell and  angels caught
Helped to settle things as they ought
An ocean of grace was all that would remain

Justice has sounded throughout the land
So that all would come to understand
That God had no part  in inflicting  pain.

The story that started off so sad
Now has an ending that sounds so  glad
This is the day God has been arranging for so long

So don't get discouraged by the night
But rather trust in the power of the Light
For everything from God creates a perfect song