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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are only travelers

We are only travelers on a journey to another place without time
Though we live here, we wont stay here;  our destinations are more sublime.
Pilgrim people walking jointly, in a world that has so much to see;
We are passing through this universe staying here isn't our destiny.

Look around you, consider deeply how much love we have known
Everything's provided by the Infinite all creation is ours to own
Chosen guardians of our era, keepers of our place on earth.
We have  inside us divine directions, guiding us from our  very birth

We are but travellers on a journey, all our time here is passing by
In an instant, in a moment, all these things will become a sigh.
How will we live then in these moments, how will we appreciate
All the gifts that we've been given to help us reach the Eternal gate?


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