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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time is needed for some healing

Quiet whispers inside my being are gently calling out to me
Time is needed for some healing memories need to be set free
Hard the challenge set before me by my souls own angel dear
inviting me into a place most painful yet telling me I need not fear.

While I roam around the memories that have kept me lost in time
Healing angels hover round me urging me to compose some rhyme
Nothing happens without a meaning everything is a gift of grace
Even those most painful moments which I wish I could erase.

How very deep are all the furrows etched along my soul inside
Though I wish I could ignore them angels ask me not to hide.
So I go before my healer and with my tears upon my face
Ask the doctor to assist me as I enter into that wounded place

Don't judge me

Others are telling me to get rid of my fears
It isn't so easy erasing those years
I want to be whole and not have any fear
It's just not so simple it'll take more than a year

The fears that I have didnt start yesterday
They began when I was little in most awful way
Day after day I was made to feel bad
I saw and felt things that made me so sad.

I didnt know love but tried to be good
I thought I behaved like a little girl should
I tried to do right but was treated so wrong
I poured out my secrets in poem and song

Then as I grew older and left from that place
I hid all my secrets as though a disgrace
I tried to move on with the baggage inside
Hoping that none of it would ever show outside

The longer I travelled and hid all those things
The more that life knock's turned into stings
Soon I was so crippled and frightened within
That I allowed hurtful people to hurt me again

I didnt have the tools or weapons to fight
Against all those people who hated the light
So i was broken again and made to know fear
And have taken some therapy for almost a year.

I have a long way to go but I know its a start
If you want to do something just have a heart
And be there as a friend without judging me
I have to be healed of all of this history

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