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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tell me why it is

Tell me why it is that we grow up being taught to love one another
That, as litte ones, we learn to see everyone as our sister and  our brother
But once we become older; we become afraid of showing our  love
And forget that we're all so closely related: with the same Father above

Why is it we're taught as children  that what's important is what's inside
And that we really shouldn't judge one another by what we see outside
But  then somewhere along the way; when we stop being so very  small
Its not  important what's inside but the outside becomes  most important of all?


  1. Hello Joy, I've been praying with you all week. How are you? Unfortunately the world's view of importance will always be as this. But as believers we know better and with Christ we can let our light shine as you so do with your writings. Nothing done from a heart of love is ever wasted. God sees and He knows our souls like none other. The angels record our motives and our desires to put good in the land. Our efforts of love will not return void. And even when unrighteousness seems to cause havoc, it's not the end. God has the last word and He's faithful more than faithful...I pray that you're encouraged. I want so much for you to be safe and living a full life...You write beautifully and express your thoughts clearly with a painted picture. That's skill, that's a gift to paint a picture with words. This you give to us and I thank you for sharing the gifts God has entrusted to you...Please know that I do care. I do call your name in my personal conversations with Jesus. I do appreciate you Joy...RiRi

  2. Hello Dear Riri.. sorry for late response.. am now in the shock and awe stage.. the court went in my favor..there is need for moments and space as things come to be.. you are right what the world sees as important doesn't even catch the eye of God.. I remember you too Riri in prayer.. you are a special angel..pleasing n precious to God..thank you and love you..



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