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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Shy One

I was too afraid to think about what they were doing to me
Questioning or speaking out would never be taken  lightly
So I learned to silence all the pains I felt; and tried not ever to cry
Living in such  a world of fear caused my childhood to pass me by

I didnt ever think about whether being beat was   wrong or right
I wasnt ever allowed  friends around to shed on me some  light
I became a silent child in school who others labeled as "really shy"
But no one ever tried to help  or took  time to ask me "why"

Being brought up  in the never question land didnt prepare me for
What would retraumatize me again leaving me so wounded sore
A cycle of being afraid to speak has brought me down through time
But I have begun a new healing stage even as I write this rhyme.

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