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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Secrets she carried

Running quickly as she could  she couldnt be late to school
The little girl was broken up and felt she was a fool
Her lips were puffed and bloodied up from her mother dear
If she wasn't  there on time she'd have something more to fear.

The teachers saw her brokenness and invited her to say
Why she carried so much hurt what happened on that day
The little girl was so afraid of telling what they should know
That she made up stories of falling down so they would let her go

 Day after day things continued  with stories of how she fell
The teachers knew the truth however but somehow feared to tell
So they reached out the best they could  and invited her to sing
They tried to help her by distracting her with almost anything

She was the most silent  of the bunch, from all of her  family
Though she was bruised and broken up she bore it patiently
Day after day she would appear with some new scratch or sore
Yet the little girl kept her secrets so she wouldnt suffer more.

Today she carries her scars  inside but now she is fully aware.
That healing can only begin to happen once she is able to share.
So she's slowly  opening up to the angel  God  provided to her
Knowing that trusting enables the healing she's so wanting  to occur

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