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Monday, March 12, 2012

Peace is that river

Peace is the ointment we need most today
Drama and violence we must push far away
Let go of  the hatred, the anger,  the greed:
Peace is the ointment,the only remedy we need.

Peace is that river through which blessings  flow
The moment we lose it;  unrest starts  to grow
Quiet the senses, the murmuring inside
Put away all the bickering; extinguish the pride.

Peace is that  echo that comes from above
The more that we have it the more we can love
The upset, the tension. the destruction of peace
Can only lead to troubles that won't ever cease.

So let us be united in this one resolve today
To live in that peace that puts all warring away
If we can do this than a  harmony will remain
But if we cannot: great tragedy, great pain.

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