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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Morning Is Singing

The morning is  singing her opening melody
All creatures of the earth are calling out to me
"Come taste of the spirit that  moves us to sing
Come join in our music and forget everything".

The beauty of the dawn breaks open the sky
A golden globe of light is warming you and I
The softness of her touch is so warming within
How wonderful it is to see the sun rising again.

Hushed is the breeze that travels  everywhere
We inhale and exhale it but can see it nowhere
Though invisible to our eyes the wind is so dear
We wouldn't survive if it would suddenly disappear.

How wonderful the world is, there's so much to see
The universe is ours and is welcoming as can be
We have only to listen and to open up our eyes
To know all of it's beauty for it wears no disguise

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