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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am just a simple person

Today the storms are on me as I try to find words to say
I am not anyone special there's no red carpet along my way
I am just a simple person there's nothing in me meriting praise
I'm not seeking for recognition or a place where royalty stays

I am just the person  I am and I cannot be anything more
I'm sorry if this person I am;  may see so unfashionably poor
But that is who I really am; and I wouldn't  ever seek to be
Other than who I am:  which keeps me far from popularity

While some may run after applause or the sparkling lights
And others may find their happiness swamped in earthly delights
I cannot say that it's the same that is captivating my soul
For I have no great ambitions and Heaven is my only goal.

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