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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The heart is trembling

The heart it is trembling while  the tears they do fall
Memories of those past hurts I am starting to recall
How can I not hear them or remember that day
I will be there in a heartbeat and again I will stay

The tickets are purchased, the  rooms are reserved
Thinking of those moments has left me unnerved
My breathing becomes labored and paled is my skin
Oh please tell me it'll be over and wont happen again

The heart it is pounding and I feeling so  weak
Words are now surfacing; I'm unable to speak
Frozen by  the trauma that happend back there.
Memories  keep reminding me that life isnt  fair

It's time to be leaving and to be taking my flight
To a place that I'm dreading where day is like night
Without understanding of what will take place
I go back there to embrace whatever I must face

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