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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Have you seen her?

Feeling unloved and unwanted she wept deep inside
The little girl was silent to the whole world outisde
She carried the secrets that teachers would never hear
In her own little world she was a prisoner to fear

Every day presented problems; mom was always mad
She didn't have to do anything.. she wasn't ever bad
Mom never wanted her   she was  a big mistake
Each day had its terrors; each day she would break

Why did they  put  her back in  a place such as this
Mommy  didn't love her and never gave  her a kiss...
Why did  she have to stay there; her siblings ran away
SHe was too frightened to speak up; too afraid not to stay

She would have to carry on, with  her  hurts deep inside
She alone would get to have the  anger mom let outside
She was the only one left now;  her silence she must keep
No one should ever know  why she was so quick to weep

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