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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angels will be sent

Demons of the night have been haggling over me
Satan's little minions just won't let me be
I won't let them win though they fill me with great fear
I will call to Jesus and He'll send His angels  here

Terrors of the mind are messing with my peace
Though I try to stop them they simply will not cease
So although I am trembling I will ask Jesus to be near
He will send His angels and they will stay right here.

Whenever  I am alone and the flashbacks hit me strong
I feel that I am so helpless that I cannot carry on
But still I find it in me to cry to Heaven Above
And God has sent me angels to bring me all His love



  1. This is such a beautiful poem. I'm thinking of you and in prayer with you. I'm thankful for the angels of God who are with you in those times of the flashbacks. I'm on the same journey and it encourages me to read how Jesus is with you too. I pray that God continue to make His presence known to you and grant you an abundance of peace and healing...Sending much love your way....RiRi

  2. ((RiRi)) where have you been? I have been thinking of you too.. hope you are well my friend. I thought I had lost you. Missed you so much. .I have a very hard weekend coming up . .I have to go back to testify so please pray for me..

    xoxo you


  3. It's been very hard for me Joy. I'm having a hard time trusting people but I do trust you. I'm still living with hope. You haven't lost me. I'm silent much because I'm so accustomed to being silent when I'm hurting the most...I missed you too Joy but I'm so afraid of getting close to people. It seems either they're not real or they leave by some means or another. I'm going to do a special prayer for you concerning this weekend. You are very dear to my heart, very dear. I thank God for your love and kindness towards me. I really do appreciate your words of love. I'm believing that God will be with you as you testify and you'll come off victorious...Thank you again for such warm words of friendship. Thank you for missing me...RiRi


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment