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Friday, March 23, 2012

an angel comes her way

a child so use to having so much negativity
is approached by one with so much generosity
she, who has become accustomed to being pushed aside
is now puzzled to meet someone with a heart open wide.

She is very fearful and doesnt know what to do
as she is  not used to being so kindly spoken to
Her  first response is to run, to run away in fear
and not let that kind angel  anywhere close to near

But she soon learns that this angel isn't like everyone
that trusting in this angel will only help what has begun
She seesaws  back and forth between trusting and fear
And keeps on asking herself "is this  happening here"?

she decides that this angel has really come  to stay
and by trusting in this angel healing can come her way
she will not be abandoned; for  this angel is her friend
and will help her with her hurts: teach her how to mend

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