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Friday, March 16, 2012

All things are dear

Oh how happy are the robins that are chirping away
The rains that are falling sure brighten their day
For breakfast comes easy from the  watery ground
Their most favorite portions are everywhere around

The plants, they are ecstatic with such  gentle rain
Growing and stretching won't  cost them any pain
For the ground is so willing to let them arise
Whenever the showers are falling from the skies.

The trees most majestic and standing ever tall
Also find these sprinkles like blessings that fall
For the showers from Heaven that moisten  the earth
Allow their many roots to go deeper into the dirt

While the sunshine is beautiful rains come  with time
To make of the  clouds the champions of rhyme
For everything has a moment and all things are dear
If we only but listen to see what we  can hear.

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