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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tell me why it is

Tell me why it is that we grow up being taught to love one another
That, as litte ones, we learn to see everyone as our sister and  our brother
But once we become older; we become afraid of showing our  love
And forget that we're all so closely related: with the same Father above

Why is it we're taught as children  that what's important is what's inside
And that we really shouldn't judge one another by what we see outside
But  then somewhere along the way; when we stop being so very  small
Its not  important what's inside but the outside becomes  most important of all?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Morning

The birds are singing and welcoming the day
The night is fading darkness is passing away
The earth is waking  and reaching out to me
My soul is touched by what I'm not able to see.

Gentle breezes are moving  here and there
A cool crisp wind  is felt almost everywhere
I'm getting ready for what the day will bring here
The angels are whispering to me "do not fear"

The sun is rising and gives the day a start
Its shining  brightly I feel it deep inside my heart
What's yet to be remains hidden from my sight
But I am inspired by the Everlasting Light.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The heart is trembling

The heart it is trembling while  the tears they do fall
Memories of those past hurts I am starting to recall
How can I not hear them or remember that day
I will be there in a heartbeat and again I will stay

The tickets are purchased, the  rooms are reserved
Thinking of those moments has left me unnerved
My breathing becomes labored and paled is my skin
Oh please tell me it'll be over and wont happen again

The heart it is pounding and I feeling so  weak
Words are now surfacing; I'm unable to speak
Frozen by  the trauma that happend back there.
Memories  keep reminding me that life isnt  fair

It's time to be leaving and to be taking my flight
To a place that I'm dreading where day is like night
Without understanding of what will take place
I go back there to embrace whatever I must face

I am just a simple person

Today the storms are on me as I try to find words to say
I am not anyone special there's no red carpet along my way
I am just a simple person there's nothing in me meriting praise
I'm not seeking for recognition or a place where royalty stays

I am just the person  I am and I cannot be anything more
I'm sorry if this person I am;  may see so unfashionably poor
But that is who I really am; and I wouldn't  ever seek to be
Other than who I am:  which keeps me far from popularity

While some may run after applause or the sparkling lights
And others may find their happiness swamped in earthly delights
I cannot say that it's the same that is captivating my soul
For I have no great ambitions and Heaven is my only goal.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As the universe greets me

I open my eyes as the universe greets me
The birds are alive with their newest melody
All around me creation is singing so sweetly
Wake oh wake now and see what there is to see

I listen with my ears and I hear the trees echoing
Songs of the birds and the flowers and everything
All the world joins together and I can hear them sing
A song that is speaking of the inner peace returning

Can you hear it now that  you're going through this simple  rhyme
Or does the universe find that you simply don't have the time
Can you a pause for a moment and tell me what you can hear
Do you hear the sound of creation; isn't it  very near?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angels will be sent

Demons of the night have been haggling over me
Satan's little minions just won't let me be
I won't let them win though they fill me with great fear
I will call to Jesus and He'll send His angels  here

Terrors of the mind are messing with my peace
Though I try to stop them they simply will not cease
So although I am trembling I will ask Jesus to be near
He will send His angels and they will stay right here.

Whenever  I am alone and the flashbacks hit me strong
I feel that I am so helpless that I cannot carry on
But still I find it in me to cry to Heaven Above
And God has sent me angels to bring me all His love


Monday, March 26, 2012

The Morning Is Singing

The morning is  singing her opening melody
All creatures of the earth are calling out to me
"Come taste of the spirit that  moves us to sing
Come join in our music and forget everything".

The beauty of the dawn breaks open the sky
A golden globe of light is warming you and I
The softness of her touch is so warming within
How wonderful it is to see the sun rising again.

Hushed is the breeze that travels  everywhere
We inhale and exhale it but can see it nowhere
Though invisible to our eyes the wind is so dear
We wouldn't survive if it would suddenly disappear.

How wonderful the world is, there's so much to see
The universe is ours and is welcoming as can be
We have only to listen and to open up our eyes
To know all of it's beauty for it wears no disguise

Sunday, March 25, 2012

May I Always be grateful

May I never take for granted any single day
For in an instant in a moment all can pass away
May I have a grateful heart and be ever ready to praise
The One who gives me life and  has counted all my days

May I treasure every moment and every second too
Whether it is sunny or clouds are passing through
May I  have the wisdom and courage to say Amen
To everything that happens over and over again.

May I never take for granted anything at all
No matter how great or how matter how small
May I always be so grateful and always try to see
The Almighty hand of Providence allowing all to be

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breath in the peace, exhale the hurt

 Breathe in the peace  that the universe will give
Exhale  the poisons that won't let you live
Inhale the serentity that can uplift your soul
Exhale the memories still blurring your goal

Panick is taking over you things are not right
Slow down your breathing regain your sight
Troubles are around you: keep them at bay
Only breathe in what can brighten your day.

Exhale all the toxins, the worries, the fear
Inhale whatever can encourage you here
Breathing can calm you, give you release
Inhale and exhale, regain your inner  peace.

Friday, March 23, 2012

an angel comes her way

a child so use to having so much negativity
is approached by one with so much generosity
she, who has become accustomed to being pushed aside
is now puzzled to meet someone with a heart open wide.

She is very fearful and doesnt know what to do
as she is  not used to being so kindly spoken to
Her  first response is to run, to run away in fear
and not let that kind angel  anywhere close to near

But she soon learns that this angel isn't like everyone
that trusting in this angel will only help what has begun
She seesaws  back and forth between trusting and fear
And keeps on asking herself "is this  happening here"?

she decides that this angel has really come  to stay
and by trusting in this angel healing can come her way
she will not be abandoned; for  this angel is her friend
and will help her with her hurts: teach her how to mend

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Broken Child

Head in her hands, tears running down,
sounds of anger are everywhere around
A broken hearted child, wearing a frown,
Love in her house is nowhere to be found

She has to straighten up and  put on a face
that she has created  for her friends at school
If anyone should learn of what has taken place
She'd be severely beaten;  for that is the rule.

Skipping and jumping pretending all is fine
No one at school could hear her hidden cries
The teacher sees something and pulls her from line
She questions the little girl with tears in her eyes

What would her mom do knowing that she spoke
The little girl shuts down; won't say any  more
The teachers knows  enough, her own heart is broke
Children shouldn't have to walk around  feeling so sore.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As we go through life

Everyone has something that they need healing for
Some may have very little, others a whole lot more
Some  may be unaffected by any hurts from the past
But  others may have to struggle as long as life lasts

Knowing this therefore  should make us  extra kind
We never know what's burdening another person's mind
Instead of  holding on to the badness others show
We might want to consider:  there's stuff we just don't know

So as we go through life with its long and windy way
We should try to help each other every single day
Resolving in our hearts to never judge one another
And trying to see everyone as our sister or our brother.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm so afraid of going back there, going back there again
To that  awful place that reminds me of so much evil sin
I have no choice in this  I have to go and fly back there
Oh help  me dear  Jesus,  scared feelings are everywhere.

Unless someone feels it its impossible for them to see
How much worry and scaredness is overtaking me
Every thought of it is making it hard for me to breathe
I wish it were over now and I could breathe a sigh of relief

I am so human and I am no different than others who fear
I wish I could avoid it that everything would just disappear
But it has to be and so i write down my thoughts in rhyme
So I can show my vulnerability, I am  not strong all the time.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Flashbacks, PTSD and me

The fear is so great that I find I cannot breathe
How I wish I were better  and could find some relief
But the flashbacks they come and they carry me away
To another time and place, another year and day.

Sometime's they are  triggered by something so small
But the effects that they have aren't very small at all
It's like watching a movie that's playing back the past
But the only terrible thing is I'm a member of the cast

There aren't any off buttons no reverses or rewind
The memories just take over and kidnap my fragile mind
Its like I'm in another place but my body is right here
Whenever flashbacks happen I'm a hostage of my fear

Taking care of you ..

Only you really know all that you have been through
The opinion of others might matter but isn't always true
You alone are the person who knows what's deep inside
Others are only able to see whats happening outside

Don't let anyone hurt you and make you feel so small
Some can say they're being helpful but really aren't at all
Others can be so busy instructing you on how to be
That they fail to see themselves, they're full of mystery

Take your time therefore and heal your hurts inside
And don't be easily swayed by the opinionated outside
Allow yourself those friends who'll accept you as you are
And those who choose to belittle you keep them very far.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

If you listen

If you listen you can hear her, the universe, she is waking
Gently stirring, softly moving, hear the music she's making?
She's inviting as she rises,  oh everyone come and hear
Every creature is now singing gentle peace is very near.

Softly glowing at a distance, the morning star begins to rise
From the depths of her own being she illuminates the skies
Sweetest star of the galaxy shine your warmth inside of me
How  enlightening every morning I feel so deeply this mystery.

If you listen you can  her, o please  tell me what you can hear
Does the universe wake your spirit does she whisper in your ear
Can you hear her every morning does she captivate your eyes
Are you there in the moment seeing the morning star arise?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Justice for all

Injustices done, allowed to be
Criminals pardoned, walking free
Judicial powers sentencing the weak
Imprisoned victims, justice seek.

Evidence ignored, corruption fools
judgment passed,  money ruless
Flashing currency, erasing time
The guilty captured by the rhyme

Questions raised,  oh what to do
Poetic words and challenging too
Belittle the writer for she's insane
If she writes, then call her vain.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Laying there in silence

Laying there in silence she was wondering why
Why were they doing that; she felt that she would die
Just a little girl being hurt in   many ways
She didnt understand she cried and cried for days

Every time the night fell she would start to cry
She would beg the angels to take her to the sky
But they wouldnt take her she would suffer more
Until one day the help came rushing through the door

Her mom was very angry and looked at her with hate
And said you'll pay for all  this on a  later date
Never again to suffer the painful hurts of  night
Mom turned to beating her and filling her with fright

All things are dear

Oh how happy are the robins that are chirping away
The rains that are falling sure brighten their day
For breakfast comes easy from the  watery ground
Their most favorite portions are everywhere around

The plants, they are ecstatic with such  gentle rain
Growing and stretching won't  cost them any pain
For the ground is so willing to let them arise
Whenever the showers are falling from the skies.

The trees most majestic and standing ever tall
Also find these sprinkles like blessings that fall
For the showers from Heaven that moisten  the earth
Allow their many roots to go deeper into the dirt

While the sunshine is beautiful rains come  with time
To make of the  clouds the champions of rhyme
For everything has a moment and all things are dear
If we only but listen to see what we  can hear.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm human

Tears are rolling down my cheek confusing thoughts are all around
I wish that I could understand but easy answers can't be found
So I wade around   these tears as they're forming waters deep
I know there's one who understands why I sigh and why I weep.

But there is a fragile part of me still in need of empathy
Were I a stone I wouldn't need any kind of sympathy
But I'm a human with flesh and bone not a rock not a stone
If I'm hit I'm going to cry and when abandoned I'll feel alone

children of God

When all is said and done we know this  to be true
That God is from where we come and where we're  going to
Though what happens in between may not be so beautiful
We know we're divinely selected : we have an immortal  soul

Nothing happens by mistake though many may say this to be
God is the Manager of all and He's watching over you and me
While the world is falling apart because each one has a will
God is holding on to  His children He is with them still.

When all the world is silent and the end comes in to stay
God will gather all His children into the everlasting day
There will be no more weeping and every heartache will cease
In the land which is forever God's children will live in Peace.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Takes Time

I didn't like what I was seeing: so much brokenness inside
The closer that I got to it , the more I wanted to hide
Why does it have to be like this: the healing after the pain
Is this the way all life must be: the rainbows after  the rain

I thought I was getting far along; was almost tempted to pride
But then I found another wall that was blocking my view inside
Since climbing isn't  my expertise and going around takes time
Discouragement had me cornered and mocked me with its rhyme

What am I to do with all of  this how shall I ever get through
I much rather say I am doing fine that admit that its not true
But truth is what begins the phase of healing from the past
And surrender to the pace of time will bring the cure at last.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The beauty we are

I don't see things like you see them I know that this is true
But I respect your vision and I surely have respect for you
We are not the same people, you and I; we're different as can be
But that doesn't mean we can't create together, some sweet diversity.

Sometimes we spend so much time on what we want to be
That we're blinded to what already is:  our own reality.
So much beauty goes unseen because we're busy outside
Looking for what we already have, it waiting for us inside.

Each one of us is so very unique and so very very dear
That we should consider it an honor when anyone draws near
We have so many gifts of grace we're blessed without an end
How wonderful to walk side by side and call each other "friend"


Confusing to little ones

When we, as adults, begin to fight and complain
When we quabble and argue and inflict awful pain
When we reach for our goals, while stomping on all
What kind of messages do we give to the small

We punish our children when they make up a lie
But gloss over our faults without blinking an eye
We tell our children to be loving and never to fight
The moment we're  crossed, we broadcast the slight

We teach our little children just how they should be
But do we make our own words become reality?
What are we doing when we're teaching the small
If we don't show with our lives that we're convinced of it all?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Peace is that river

Peace is the ointment we need most today
Drama and violence we must push far away
Let go of  the hatred, the anger,  the greed:
Peace is the ointment,the only remedy we need.

Peace is that river through which blessings  flow
The moment we lose it;  unrest starts  to grow
Quiet the senses, the murmuring inside
Put away all the bickering; extinguish the pride.

Peace is that  echo that comes from above
The more that we have it the more we can love
The upset, the tension. the destruction of peace
Can only lead to troubles that won't ever cease.

So let us be united in this one resolve today
To live in that peace that puts all warring away
If we can do this than a  harmony will remain
But if we cannot: great tragedy, great pain.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little river in my soul

There is a quiet river flowing in a gentle place inside
Carrying painful memories away leaving them  outside
Softly touching me as it goes soothing my soul within
Little river flowing inside I'm so glad to see you again.

I sit beside your tranquil stream and listen to your flow
Closing down my thoughts awhile letting everything go
Its been awhile since we spoke in our most simpe way
O little river in my heart please tell me that you'll stay

Many angels ride your waves and come to visit me
Bringing with them so many things that will help me see
Oh the beauty of this night you're flowing deep inside
Little river in my soul help me leave the bad outside.

Have you seen her?

Feeling unloved and unwanted she wept deep inside
The little girl was silent to the whole world outisde
She carried the secrets that teachers would never hear
In her own little world she was a prisoner to fear

Every day presented problems; mom was always mad
She didn't have to do anything.. she wasn't ever bad
Mom never wanted her   she was  a big mistake
Each day had its terrors; each day she would break

Why did they  put  her back in  a place such as this
Mommy  didn't love her and never gave  her a kiss...
Why did  she have to stay there; her siblings ran away
SHe was too frightened to speak up; too afraid not to stay

She would have to carry on, with  her  hurts deep inside
She alone would get to have the  anger mom let outside
She was the only one left now;  her silence she must keep
No one should ever know  why she was so quick to weep

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Night is almost over

A soft stream of moonlight dances on my face
As I listen to the wind speaking to me of grace
The night of my soul is as dark as it can ever be
Telling me that dawn will soon break over me

The Shy One

I was too afraid to think about what they were doing to me
Questioning or speaking out would never be taken  lightly
So I learned to silence all the pains I felt; and tried not ever to cry
Living in such  a world of fear caused my childhood to pass me by

I didnt ever think about whether being beat was   wrong or right
I wasnt ever allowed  friends around to shed on me some  light
I became a silent child in school who others labeled as "really shy"
But no one ever tried to help  or took  time to ask me "why"

Being brought up  in the never question land didnt prepare me for
What would retraumatize me again leaving me so wounded sore
A cycle of being afraid to speak has brought me down through time
But I have begun a new healing stage even as I write this rhyme.


I am confused by things around me and words are not making  sense
Clouds are gathering together, stormy weather is making me tense
I can't find words to express how I'm feeling; how I'm feeling deep inside
I thank you for your kindly understanding of why I'm not coming outside.

Sometimes the days are very frightening and the path is very unclear
I know I should be doing something but uncertainty causes me  fear
Which way is the right way I'm wondering should I walk this way or that
Nothing right now is apparent I am trying to find where the calm is at.

Would you mind me being a little silent as I'm trying to find my way
If I'm a little more quiet or hidden will you allow me these moments or day
Although  I may back away from the public or things i normally would do
I still hold everyone in my heartspace and I'll be back in a day or two.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Somehow it was ok for mom to beat her up

Her little brother had fallen again, she knew what would happen now
Mom would punish her most severely as if it were her fault somehow
Seems like every time she turned around she was being hit and hit
She never knew what she could do;  mom's anger would never  quit.

She walked around afraid of life worrying when she'd be hurt  again
Everything she did was wrong mom made everything out to be  sin
Yet somehow it was okay for mom to beat her up and make her cry
That was never a wrong or sin; she couldn't help but wonder why

The kids at school would laugh at her because she dressed so poor
They hurt her by the words they said her little heart was broke and tore
She was just a casualty mom  hated to have and she suffered much for this
Mom made her feel how hated she was denying her even a motherly kiss.

In the quiet moments

 In a quiet space within me I can hear an angel song
Guardians of the universe tell us morning won't be long
Creatures of the morning are making ready for the day
Tiny birds are chirping, can you imagine what they say?

The music of the universe begins to fill the air
Tiny rays of sunshine are dancing everywhere
Darkness fades away as the sky takes on a glow
The morning star is rising all creation sparkles so

Hushed are the moments before the morning run
So many peaceful sounds serenade the rising sun
Oh the quiet beauty that is awaiting us with care
If we go too quicky we'll won't see it anywhere

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Remember the seedling...

The seed began in the darkness in a place no one else would go
And after the  rain and sunshine it began to show itself and grow
But from it's very beginning it has created some mystery
Because from it early formation there were things we couldn't see.

Our lives are like this seedling that's  now beautiful as can be
But knew those darker moments; when it wasn't able to be free
We also know  those moments when our soul is so alone
And the darkness seems eternal and clouds cover what we own.

But we have to keep on hoping and remember how the seed
Began  in the darkness, not knowing where things would lead
It had only to trust in the elements and all that Life could give
To be able to rise from whats uncertain and begin to truly live.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From this pile of ashes

From this hopeless pile of ashes, this awful looking mess
God picked up a broken being and said "  you passed the test"
Though the odds were all against me and no one took my part
The Eternal One drew me closer and held me in His Heart.

Around me were all the rich ones and all the finely bred
No one ever thought much of me or listened to what I said
Yet God Almighty heard me He reached down from the sky
And said even if I  were the last one for me His Son would die

Tears were falling quickly for I knew deep down inside
Secrets had kept me humble and pushed away my pride
Only the thought of Heaven could keep me  from the Hell
That kept taunting me for trusting when things werent going well

For my Therapist .. updated

I wanted to write a little poem  for my
therapist sweet and kind
Who is taking time to teach me ways
to free my heart and mind
Little by little shes helping me
to get better day by day
Teaching me to understand myself
and why I am this way.

First I must learn to say to self
that I am not so bad at all
Then I should retreat to a safer place
Whenever bad memories call
Next I must keep my boundaries
Not allow hurtful things to come in
Then I must remember my coping skills
when bad feelings should begin

 Patiently, she is helping me
to calm my troubled mind
My therapist is assisting me
with methods , so caring and kind
If you should be needing therapy
I hope that you will find
Someone like my therapist
To heal your fragile mind.

In this spot I thank my “T”
for guidlng me along the way
For taking time and caring enough
To show me a brigher way.
Words cannot ever say everything
but I wanting you to know
You are working miracles in me
even though I am going slow.

With grateful love and gratitude,


Oh the beauty of these moments

As the morning sky colors beneath the Sun's golden rays
I join with the universe as it breaks into praise
Singing with creation my thank you's in song
I'm asking  all the angels to be with me all day long

The wind is gently whispering the sweetest melody
While the birds are busy creating their own  symphony
Plants are swaying gently as they're touched by the breeze
Leaves are beginning to break out from their place on the trees.

Tiny little seedlings tell me  that  Spring is finally  in
While Mother Earth lets out all the little ones from within
Oh the beauty of these moments which I'm so pleased to see
They come to me each morning and always captivate me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time is needed for some healing

Quiet whispers inside my being are gently calling out to me
Time is needed for some healing memories need to be set free
Hard the challenge set before me by my souls own angel dear
inviting me into a place most painful yet telling me I need not fear.

While I roam around the memories that have kept me lost in time
Healing angels hover round me urging me to compose some rhyme
Nothing happens without a meaning everything is a gift of grace
Even those most painful moments which I wish I could erase.

How very deep are all the furrows etched along my soul inside
Though I wish I could ignore them angels ask me not to hide.
So I go before my healer and with my tears upon my face
Ask the doctor to assist me as I enter into that wounded place

Don't judge me

Others are telling me to get rid of my fears
It isn't so easy erasing those years
I want to be whole and not have any fear
It's just not so simple it'll take more than a year

The fears that I have didnt start yesterday
They began when I was little in most awful way
Day after day I was made to feel bad
I saw and felt things that made me so sad.

I didnt know love but tried to be good
I thought I behaved like a little girl should
I tried to do right but was treated so wrong
I poured out my secrets in poem and song

Then as I grew older and left from that place
I hid all my secrets as though a disgrace
I tried to move on with the baggage inside
Hoping that none of it would ever show outside

The longer I travelled and hid all those things
The more that life knock's turned into stings
Soon I was so crippled and frightened within
That I allowed hurtful people to hurt me again

I didnt have the tools or weapons to fight
Against all those people who hated the light
So i was broken again and made to know fear
And have taken some therapy for almost a year.

I have a long way to go but I know its a start
If you want to do something just have a heart
And be there as a friend without judging me
I have to be healed of all of this history

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered how many people you passed by
That needed a little encouragement or just  a simple "hi"
Have you ever wondered about the one you coudn't see
Because you were too involved in your little world of "me"

Have you ever thought about the person you ignored
SImply because of the memories you had carefully stored.
Have you ever wondered about the time you wouldn't share
Even though you had enough you simply refused to care

Have you ever wondered about this world's philosophy
That seems to revolve around the "glorification of me"
Have you ever wondered about what the world thinks is "cool"
Surely it's not popular to be teaching the golden rule.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mysteries of Life

Crisp cool air is filtering in
Pure white blankets lay on the ground
A hush of silence is settling in
Quiet flurries are floating around

No more thunder no more rain
This has disappeared from  sight
The passing storms with all their pain
Lay hidden beneath a sea of white

Mother Nature has a way
of going against what seems to trend
She alone has the final say
The universe wears her seasonal blend

With everything there is to know
There's always  so much  mystery
From a thunderstorm to falling snow
Can come great awe or misery.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Secrets she carried

Running quickly as she could  she couldnt be late to school
The little girl was broken up and felt she was a fool
Her lips were puffed and bloodied up from her mother dear
If she wasn't  there on time she'd have something more to fear.

The teachers saw her brokenness and invited her to say
Why she carried so much hurt what happened on that day
The little girl was so afraid of telling what they should know
That she made up stories of falling down so they would let her go

 Day after day things continued  with stories of how she fell
The teachers knew the truth however but somehow feared to tell
So they reached out the best they could  and invited her to sing
They tried to help her by distracting her with almost anything

She was the most silent  of the bunch, from all of her  family
Though she was bruised and broken up she bore it patiently
Day after day she would appear with some new scratch or sore
Yet the little girl kept her secrets so she wouldnt suffer more.

Today she carries her scars  inside but now she is fully aware.
That healing can only begin to happen once she is able to share.
So she's slowly  opening up to the angel  God  provided to her
Knowing that trusting enables the healing she's so wanting  to occur

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Teardrops falling silently no one is around
One by one their falling not making any sound
Who will stop these teardrops who'll make them go away
One by one their falling it has been  a rainy day.

Who can hear the heart speak:it seems so far away
Words aren't able  to capture what it wants to say
Only the  tiny teardrop,  with its quiet humble  way
Can carry all the messages words can never say

Can you hear the teardrops  falling without sound
Creating  unseen rivers as they hit the ground
Why is it thought unusual for anybody to cry
Tears speak without prejudice to any passerby

March Tornadoes

The universe is silent this morning, she is feeling kinda of ill.
She has known alot of devastation, tragic storms hit at will.
State by state they dropped in, the twisters were every size
What remains:  only a heartache, a shock to tired  eyes.

Trees and plants are uprooted, building and cars are strewn
So many places have been flattened several cities are in ruin
Yet in all  this apparent  tragedy we still have hopeful eyes
Despite  wide spread destruction miracles catch us by surprise

          (video created by 10 year old boy)

Friday, March 2, 2012

So many hurting chidren

They're broken and beaten and treated without care
So many hurting children wondering  if anyone is "there"
Carrying  within them their secrets of hatred and harm
If all their voices were heard now we'd be filled with alarm

Afraid of a world that has allowed them to be hurt
Little ones who are abused now feel like  nothing but dirt
Their self esteeem trampled by those who should love
Their little bodies so tortured, angels weep from above.

With all of the campaigning we do for this thing or that
Who'll speak for these little ones, where are their advocates at?
We speak of the injustices and cry  : "equality for all"
Why don't we shout louder for the most helpless and small?

Work to stop child abuse.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Her secrets

She was crying, with big tear drops rolling down her face
She was silent when asked what had taken place
All she could think of was her bruises they were so sore
If she were to say  anything she would have to suffer more.

All the teachers had wondered why she didnt want to speak
She was so timid so shy and seemed so very meek
What was it she held onto not allowing it to come outside
She kept hidden secrets yet they crushed her deep inside.

Because she chose to be silent and not let anybody know
Her fears and worries took over and never allowed her to grow
She is stuck in a childhood that will not let her free
People take advantage of her because of her lack of maturity.

Help stop child abuse

We are only travelers

We are only travelers on a journey to another place without time
Though we live here, we wont stay here;  our destinations are more sublime.
Pilgrim people walking jointly, in a world that has so much to see;
We are passing through this universe staying here isn't our destiny.

Look around you, consider deeply how much love we have known
Everything's provided by the Infinite all creation is ours to own
Chosen guardians of our era, keepers of our place on earth.
We have  inside us divine directions, guiding us from our  very birth

We are but travellers on a journey, all our time here is passing by
In an instant, in a moment, all these things will become a sigh.
How will we live then in these moments, how will we appreciate
All the gifts that we've been given to help us reach the Eternal gate?