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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Makes Me Happy

The snow has fallen this morning and the earth is bathed in white
The blanket from Heaven is comforting; its so pure and so bright
How beautiful the crystal covering is; how pleasing it is  to the eyes
Whenever I awaken to see it;  it's such a wonderful surprise.

It doesn't take much to delight me; the good Lord knows this to be true
A simple snowflake falling, echoes  "God has great love for you".
While some may need riches or honors to be fully  satisfied
I simply need the beauty of nature to awaken my happiness inside.

There's so much beauty around us; there's so much to be happy for
I hope one day to be in an eternity with flowers and trees galore
My ambitions, they aren't so many; my desires they are so very few:
But, if I can live with all God's creatures; this will be my dream come true

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