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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Silence

Softly calling, quietly inviting, gently does she stand
Waiting for me reaching for me with her outstretched hand
Speaking hardly motioning always whispering out my name
Come she says and seek this wisdom hidden within my frame

Who's  this lady who is calling in the darkness of my night
Ever present, ever shining:  heralding the  light
She is patient, she is ready: enlightening  one and all
Listen carefully, look intently: for it's possible to miss her call

Not with sermons or with the media or with any sort of voice
Does she call me or invite me  she comes without the noise
Who is this, then, I'm  speaking of;  I'm sure  you're curious to know
She's none other than sweet Silence, and she's inviting us to grow


  1. So many do not appreciate the healing quality of silence. Silence that is our choice, not that enforced on us by the abusers.

    Time to collect one's thoughts, to recharge our inner batteries. So important, so vital in the healing process.

  2. Hi Jan :silence is my preferred place to be .. the noise may be a necessity for much of our day but I find much healing and instruction in the quiet moments when all is still. Thanks for your kind words. joy


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