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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sometime's when we're sick...

Sometimes the body must bow beneath the weight of terrible pain
And surrender to some rest so that a renewed strength will remain
Sometimes every turn and every movement that one attempts to take
Immerses one into a  bath that illness has chosen to make

Sometimes the fever's so high that the spirit falls unto the ground
And the soul reaches  for it's Creator where all hope and peace are found
Sometimes the  breathing is labored and the air is very thin:
The coughing takes  center stage and one feels  broken up within.

Sometimes we must let go; so healing can come through
And bring to us the strength we need for everything we must do
Sometimes we're so very  sick;  but we mustn't call life unfair
For in the illness we experience blessings of which we're not aware..


  1. Ahh I've missed reading your work so much!

    It's crucial when our bodies say enough is enough that we listen to it. Give time for rest and healing. Makes us stronger, for ourselves and our fight!

  2. Sometimes we think we know better than our bodies and try to push onward only to find we end up flat out where we should have been to start: in the resting position) thank you for stopping by Jan,



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