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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painful verse, painful time

There's a river  a mighty river flowing from my tired eyes
And its carrying deep within it a thousand hurts a thousand sighs
I cannot stop it, for it is growing; and the overflow is  great
It will soon become an ocean, flood  my heart before too late.

I need a lifeboat for I'm sinking, beneath  the words that spark this rhyme.
Who will help me through this moment: painful verse, painful time?
Tell me where the logic comes from with the hurting that is done.
I'm so human and I am fragile, I can see all my emotions run..

Pause the moment, rewind the picture; let us start this scene again:
All this trauma shouldnt happen;it shouldnt be allowed to re-begin.
Only if life could be so simple:  how many tears would not be shed;
Yet, I must pass throught this moment:  push aside my fear and dread.


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