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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Losing it...

My mind has gone on vacation and is nowhere to be found
Thinking is much more difficult when it's not around
Concepts are much  more fuzzier; it doesn't  take much to cry
Yes my mind is on vacation; this I can't deny

Flashing signs of overload are blinking in my mind
Concentration impossible:  the data feed  I find
A miniature malfunction is taking place in side
I miss my mind completely I think I'm going to hide

With my disability I am tempted to run away
Then I won't have to face what losing it has to say
Gathering myself together: everyone hears a goodbye
I'm taking off  tomorrow; no one asks me why..

Imagination is terrible it's leading me off somewhere
But when I look around  I havent gone anywhere
These trips I keep on taking are leaving me in a bind
Especially since the take offf is always in in my mind.

( am not in any way against therapy..the music
is selected because of the topic and artistry )

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