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Friday, February 10, 2012

It's okay to have emotions

Oh wouldn't it be so nice if every day was a sunny day
And sweetness was oozing out of every single word  we say
And  wouldn't it be so wonderful if we coud always smile
Even when  troubles were many and come to stay  awhile

Wouldn't it be so wonderful and wouldnt it be so grand
If for a single moment we could really understand
That life is like the weather with its good days and its bad
Sometimes we will be happy and other times we will be sad

Its really unrealistic  and so very unfair for us to say
Smile things will get better..there'll come a brighter day
And yet fail to understand that  the feelings we push aside
Are really what bring about healing to the suffering soul inside

Enough with all those theories  that wants to push reality away
Accept the emotions  that are appropriate for the time and day
It's ok to feel unhappy when you're really feeling  sad
And it's not appropriate to be smiling when you're really mad

Sometimes we're wanting to  sprinkle our feelings of good cheer
But we fail to find the  words that others really need to hear
Instead of trying to change them  into something that's unreal
We should try to understand them and   feel what they really feel.


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