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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I can't become you, I have to be me

I can't become you, I cannot be that person you're  wanting  me to be
No matter how hard I try, I am always going to end up being me
So if you cannot accept that; I don't know what else I can possibly do
Because I won't ever be perfect and I most certainly won't ever be  you.

Although I am trying to do things so that I wont upset you so much
Things I do might be frustrating though I wish to God it wasn't such
I am so  human and my fragility will follow  me every where  I   go
So if you seeking perfection I'm not the person you want to know.

There are missing pieces in the make up of who I am in side
And  sometimes this inadequacy shows it's ugly face outside
I know  people place expectations that can be so very cruel
So  if you're my friend  don't expect much and live the golden rule

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