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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am fragile

I am fragile and I am able to be broken
I am quiet very few words are ever spoken
I am trembling: things have really frightened me
I am needy but I'm blessed with all my poverty

You are faithful You have taken me by the hand
You are all knowing You show me that You understand
You are all powerful nothing can ever frighten You
You are my everything I lack nothing close to You

With Your guidance I cannot ever lose the way
With Your wisdom I will find the right words to say
With Your spirit I shall breathe in Your lasting peace
In Your presence everything hurtful shall cease


  1. Anytime you need a friend
    I will be here
    You'll never be alone again
    So don't you fear
    Even if you're miles away
    I'm by your side

  2. Jan,

    Thank you.. it means alot to know that miles are just miles and hearts can connect and support one another.. You are a wonderful soul.



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