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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Didn't stop to pray

Waking up, I stretched and yawned
And raced to get things through by dawn;
In a hurry, I skipped through my morning prayer

Then in the day, I cried and fought:
Forgot the things that I had bought;
And grumbled to God why don't you even care?

As evening came, I kicked my toe;
And food got burnt, wouldn't you know:
Things went from being bad, into an ugly curse.

People around me didn't make sense;
Everything that happened made me tense:
I was asking myself: could it possibly be worse?

I stopped enough to ponder the day;
And how I didn't even take time to pray.
Lights were going on inside me everywhere.

So I paused a moment just right there
And whispered to God my humble prayer
Peaceful moments started to grace my troubled air..

It will only takes a moment or two
To say good morning to you know Who
Have you spoken some words to God today?

If you haven't and will be running around
Remember the trouble that I had found
Simply because I was too busy to even pray.

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