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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be the Valentine

Today people are passing out all kinds of things
Chocolates and cards and even diamond rings
But whats most important on a day like today
Is to give with your heart and mean what you say

There are many things given that money can't by
Like words of encouragement and saying  "one more try"
Or being there with someone when no one else will
This says so much more than a hundred dollar bill.

You can choose to be traditional or break from the line
You can keep handing out cards or be the Valentine
It's not about  the things that we can see on the tv
But its all about caring its about you and about me

So today I am going to be giving myself out for you
And ask that you in turn will be giving yourself too
Where ever you may be in this  world of ours today
 Be you the valentine that will brighten  another's way

Happy Valentines Day ...

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