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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Along the way

The wind breathes into  my spirit and echoes within my heart
The sun kisses me on my cheek and gives my day a start
The birds create their melodies giving sweetness to my day
The earth produces her beauty and delights me along the way

The trees stetch out their limbs and  welcome  this passerby
While flowers with all their colors let out a fragrant sigh
All the world is recreated by the newness of this day
While the universe is giving birth to life along the way

Everywhere I look I can see the fingerprint of God
Way up in the heavens or along the road I trod.
Each and every element is uniting with one voice
Inviting me to believe and listening for my choice


  1. A beautiful, emotional and spiritual piece.

    Never forget that when you see only one pair of footprints that then you are being carried by another.

  2. and that, dear Jan, must be what has been happening for some time.. what a blessing to think that all "along the way" the good shepherd has opted to carry me all the way;) Joy


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