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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's okay to be real

 It's okay to not be strong and to let yourself be real
Let all your emotions out and tell others  how you feel
But do so with consideration knowing that just like you
Others may have something that they're going through.

There's nothing wrong with being human for you're not a cat
You can't be laughing and smiling when that's not where you're at
You can only be who you are  in your present state of mind
IF others can't accept that than leave the others behind.

Being really real takes  courage and   strength indeed
Being honest with each other  is what we really  need
We can stop that  trend that says you must wear the painted smile
And replace it with "lets be real and be ourselves for  awhile.

We need to be healed

Taking time to heal to let whats wounded show
Is not an easy task as anyone can know
We expose the hurts; we feel them once again
Nothing is more painful than the hidden hurts within

Sometimes we're the ones slowing down the pace
We do not seek the help for we think its a disgrace
So we go on wounded and are  nurturing our own sore
Till we can't go on further  or  take it any more.

Why are we ashamed to admit our pains are real
We like to be so strong:  weakness is a big deal
But if we are to be everything  we're meant to be
We need to completely heal of every hurt, you see?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A school in Ohio .. dedicated to the victims

My tears fall for the victims of a school in ohio
I cannot stop this  grief for so deep is my sorrow
So innocent the lives quickly brought to an end
We hope for tomorrow but on it can't depend.

What pain inexpressable how tragic that day
Mothers and fathers with hurts that will stay
Parents and teachers, students and friends
All are the victims that this tragedy expends

How can we  deal with these sorrows so great
What do we say or with what words can we relate
Nothing can bring back the lives lost  that day
My tears and my whispers are all I can pray..

Sending my sympathy

(c) Joy

Slow down

You're rushing through the morning and soon you'll find it's noon
You haven't stopped a moment; haven't time to hum a tune
Yet deep inside your being, though it doesn't shout, it's true
Your spirit is needing stillness:  a moment of quiet with you .

The day has  its requirements and is demanding as can be
Things are piling up and work is the only thing you can see
While you are needing to focus on the task you have at hand
A moment or two in silence helps in ways you can't understand

Schedule it into your work day a little pausing here and there
Slow down just enough to hear your heartbeat in the air
Take notice of your surroundings and in everything you do
Remember nothing can be done without taking care of you


Monday, February 27, 2012

You are the one who..

you are the one who rescued me
you are the one who set me free
you are the one who took the time
you are the one who receives this rhyme

you are the one who patiently bore
you are the one whose heart was tore
you are the one who shared your smile
you are the one who was  at my trial

you are the one who'll receive in the end
you are the one whose always a  friend
you are the one who would sacrifice all
you are the one who received the call.

you are the one who is giving every day
you are the one who brightens the  way
you are the one who's willing to love
You are the one blessed from above.

thank you for being the one who was.....

written for my therapist on her birthday

For someone special on her birthday

Today someone dear to me is celebrating a birthday
So I dedicate this poem to her in a special way
Hope your day is beautiful and special just like you
You deserve the best of best for everything you do.

Do you still remember the day you finally made it out
Opening your eyes to the world did you kick and shout?
When the doctors smacked you hard did you break a smile
Or did you simply cry and cry making rainbows for a while

How was the world appearing then when you took a glance
Would you go through it all again if you had a  chance.
DO you remember the tender hug you mom first gave to you
On seeing that her new born babe was glowing through and through?

Oh how I  hope you'll  have the bestest day that you ever ever had
And that when you look back on it tonight your heart is warm and glad
You have made so many people happy as you went along life's way
So I say with all my love inside : hope you have happy  birthday

with love,

(c) Joy

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I can't become you, I have to be me

I can't become you, I cannot be that person you're  wanting  me to be
No matter how hard I try, I am always going to end up being me
So if you cannot accept that; I don't know what else I can possibly do
Because I won't ever be perfect and I most certainly won't ever be  you.

Although I am trying to do things so that I wont upset you so much
Things I do might be frustrating though I wish to God it wasn't such
I am so  human and my fragility will follow  me every where  I   go
So if you seeking perfection I'm not the person you want to know.

There are missing pieces in the make up of who I am in side
And  sometimes this inadequacy shows it's ugly face outside
I know  people place expectations that can be so very cruel
So  if you're my friend  don't expect much and live the golden rule

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painful verse, painful time

There's a river  a mighty river flowing from my tired eyes
And its carrying deep within it a thousand hurts a thousand sighs
I cannot stop it, for it is growing; and the overflow is  great
It will soon become an ocean, flood  my heart before too late.

I need a lifeboat for I'm sinking, beneath  the words that spark this rhyme.
Who will help me through this moment: painful verse, painful time?
Tell me where the logic comes from with the hurting that is done.
I'm so human and I am fragile, I can see all my emotions run..

Pause the moment, rewind the picture; let us start this scene again:
All this trauma shouldnt happen;it shouldnt be allowed to re-begin.
Only if life could be so simple:  how many tears would not be shed;
Yet, I must pass throught this moment:  push aside my fear and dread.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Can you hear it?

The early morn calls up  everyone
While warming  rays jump from the Sun
Creatures rouse to romp and play
Its the beginning of a new day.

The signs of spring are in the air
Birds are chirping everywhere
Shades of green begin to show
The grass has finally begun to grow

Can you hear the sounds of spring
Don't they make you want to sing
If you listen  you  might hear
Creature voices: loud and clear

I have to stop this poetic  rhyme
Because I running out of time
But I hope you'll listen  well
To everythig the earth will tell.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Didn't stop to pray

Waking up, I stretched and yawned
And raced to get things through by dawn;
In a hurry, I skipped through my morning prayer

Then in the day, I cried and fought:
Forgot the things that I had bought;
And grumbled to God why don't you even care?

As evening came, I kicked my toe;
And food got burnt, wouldn't you know:
Things went from being bad, into an ugly curse.

People around me didn't make sense;
Everything that happened made me tense:
I was asking myself: could it possibly be worse?

I stopped enough to ponder the day;
And how I didn't even take time to pray.
Lights were going on inside me everywhere.

So I paused a moment just right there
And whispered to God my humble prayer
Peaceful moments started to grace my troubled air..

It will only takes a moment or two
To say good morning to you know Who
Have you spoken some words to God today?

If you haven't and will be running around
Remember the trouble that I had found
Simply because I was too busy to even pray.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The hard reality

You hurt me because you can because you have so much power
Others will listen to you while I am made to wait hour by hour
It's an unfair reality of life for this  victim who is so  poor
You are  raised up in glory while  this wounded one remains sore

Please tell me what kind of justice has taken over our courts today
They sentence the victim to trauma while the abuser walks away
Those who are suppose to  be helpers neglect their honored role
Accepting a token of money in exchange for their immortal soul.

 I will keep my spirit hopeful for I know there is a God above
And everyone will have to answer to the Eternal God of  love
Before His throne no lying or bribe can enter in
We'll  stand before Him silent:  be judged by what's within.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cries From Within

The scars are so deep that they hurt even still
Though no one can see them and no one  ever will
They are tokens of silence broken by night
Reminder of things that lie hidden from sight.

Wounded and broken the child deep inside
Waits for permission to bring things outside
Yet no one takes notice or ventures to hear
What silences the child: creating much fear.

Ashamed and afraid the little one must go
Quietly unnoticed yet wanting to grow
Unable to speak out unable to share
The wounded child cries and silences the air.

See the beauty

The birds are singing early they sweeten the morning air
Their  melodies are like Heaven reaching out everywhere
Indeed they are so happy their music is so sublime
When I hear them chirping my soul breaks out in rhyme

I cannot resist the spirit that keeps reaching out to me
It whispers through the universe and tells me to be free
Like the creatures of the wild who never fret or  care
I am called to that freedom that sees beauty everywhere.

So I'm beginning  my journey into another brand new day
Not knowing what will come about  what will pass  my way
I only know the moments that I have spent in quiet prayer
And hope that all God's blessings will permeate the air.

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Thank You"

There are two words, when joined together, that have a certain power;
They bring light into your talking and seem to sweeten up the hour.
Speaking them to the one who has been so  good to you
Is what makes them so  beloved and appreciated it's true

The two words that form a phrase and are able to make a smile
Are those which tell someone: you appreciate the extra mile
They come from your inner being and express all you want to say
To the one who has shown you kindnesses and caring every day

So let us  release these words as much as we can today
And say "Thank you " to everyone that has brightened up our way
We will find that by doing this; our gratitude will be everywhere
And those who have done us kindness will know how much we care.

So I want to say thank you to  everyone who has been  so good to me
Your kindnesses are so treasured and  they're precious as can be
I hope you have a good day and know that I  really appreciate
Everything that you have done for me up to this very date

God bless ...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keep your chin up

When your heart is broken when your sky  is dark and gray
When every turn you make seems to lead you in a bad way
Take courage in knowing that  Someone's watching over you
You will be given all you need to help you make it through

Though teardrops may be falling and you cannot catch your breath
When temptations are so strong that you praying for your death
Know that there's  help  coming and you'll  finally get along
And though you feel  your weakness you really are quite strong.

Don't worry about the sorrows and the troubles that come by
You will find the strength you need and its okay to cry
Remember your guardian angel and the Eternal God above
Are always right beside you protecting you with all  their love

Let's be real

It is okay to feel your feelings and it's okay to shed a tear
We are only human we are flesh and bone right here.
To say something's not hurting; when it really hurts indeed
Is ignoring the neuron's warning:  you have an urgent need.

Sometimes the positive pushers belittle the falling tear
Instead of seeing the healing that the teardrops bring so near
They rather you fake the smile and push your thoughts away
Than express the hurts within you:  reveal a troubled day.

How is it anywhere near normal pretending like all is fine
Sometimes some positive thinkers are a little bit  out of line
There's a  time for every emotion and a way to set them free
Denial will never solve problems but can be really unhealthy

Losing it...

My mind has gone on vacation and is nowhere to be found
Thinking is much more difficult when it's not around
Concepts are much  more fuzzier; it doesn't  take much to cry
Yes my mind is on vacation; this I can't deny

Flashing signs of overload are blinking in my mind
Concentration impossible:  the data feed  I find
A miniature malfunction is taking place in side
I miss my mind completely I think I'm going to hide

With my disability I am tempted to run away
Then I won't have to face what losing it has to say
Gathering myself together: everyone hears a goodbye
I'm taking off  tomorrow; no one asks me why..

Imagination is terrible it's leading me off somewhere
But when I look around  I havent gone anywhere
These trips I keep on taking are leaving me in a bind
Especially since the take offf is always in in my mind.

( am not in any way against therapy..the music
is selected because of the topic and artistry )

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guardians of the universe

The morning breaks upon us with its glowing light
It speaks to us in silence: everything will be alright
Each day's a new beginning, yesterday's in the past
Today's yesterday's tomorrow, we are here at last

The sun is shining brightly, its here for us today
Even when its cloudy; it warms us along the way
Our world was so created to keep us ever in peace
It's we who cause  the violence that everybody sees.

All around us there is beauty for everyone to enjoy
We can become a part of it or simply opt to destroy
As guardians of the universe we are keepers of the day
We have the ability to sustain it or blow it all away

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm your guardian angel .. words from your angel

I will always be here,  walking alongside of you.
I will be your friend forever:   faithful and ever true
Though you may not see me,  know that I'm always here:
Ready to be your armor when danger's drawing near

I'm your guardian angel, I'll never leave your side
You needn't fear the danger that lurks  around outside
Though you may feel uncertain, your way will be ever clear:
For I  will dispel the darkness, you have no need to fear

Do not forget your angel, for I love to hear from you
You can choose to speak in whispers or however you want to
But  remember I am  with you, I'm always very near
You have only to make your request and I will quickly hear

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You think you're better?

You think your better than me because you never shed a tear
You pass judgement on everyone who expresses some sort of fear
You claim to know the way that will lift me over the pain
Yet have no knowledge of yourself you really are quite vain.

Before you point your finger take a good look into the mirror
Tell me, are you so prefect? Speak loudly so all can hear.
Everyone has their weakness and so  we should always be
Understanding of one another no matter their frailty.

Some folks feel its their calling to be telling this or that
While being completely blind to where their own soul is at
Its okay to be imperfect and not be  completely whole
What's shameful is not knowing whats inside your  own soul.

All she could take

She had taken all she could and was broken up inside
She didn't ever raise her eyes or seek to go outside
All her ambitions were cast out she was so full of shame
Tears were constantly in her eyes she didn't know her name

People had pushed her here and there and made her be the fool
She was afraid to ever speak up and silence was her rule
Many ridiculed the way she looked and others: how she spoke
None had hurt her more, however,  than the one who left her broke

She continues to struggle with herself but now is a little more sure
For God has sent an angel over to help and watch over her
Though she feels she cannot go on; her angel points out the way
Reminding her that she is someone and is starting a brand  new day.

thank you to my angel..the one who is helping me now

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finding rest in my rhyme

Near to the lake I will arrive in my spirit
And quiet my mind so that I can really hear it
There by the waters where silence is found
I will ponder the mysteries that are all around.

At a distance is fading the  star of the day
While the moon is inviting me to lengthen my stay
Shining so brightly but  with borrowed light
The moon appears ready to watch over night.

I find I that I'm needing a little more  time
To reflect and unwind and rest in some rhyme
Too much has been shaking me deep down inside
So I'll run to my quiet place where I know I can hide.



Be the Valentine

Today people are passing out all kinds of things
Chocolates and cards and even diamond rings
But whats most important on a day like today
Is to give with your heart and mean what you say

There are many things given that money can't by
Like words of encouragement and saying  "one more try"
Or being there with someone when no one else will
This says so much more than a hundred dollar bill.

You can choose to be traditional or break from the line
You can keep handing out cards or be the Valentine
It's not about  the things that we can see on the tv
But its all about caring its about you and about me

So today I am going to be giving myself out for you
And ask that you in turn will be giving yourself too
Where ever you may be in this  world of ours today
 Be you the valentine that will brighten  another's way

Happy Valentines Day ...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be the poet today?

The morning caught me sleeping  and I have to hurry through
If I am going to create some rhyme that I could share with you
But the time is  going against me and I have need to apologize
For I can find no tender moments to set before your eyes

So you must be the poet now and create for me some rhyme
How will you form your words today and share your captured time
Will you reflect upon the sun rise or speak of the beautiful sky
IF you take some  moments  now, you can do this if you try

I  can't wait to see your poetry and all your words sublime
I am anxious to see what words you have hidden inside your rhyme
Everyone has some music inside, some poetry waiting to be
Will you be the poet today and share some words with  me?

Sunday, February 12, 2012


If a seedling could speak to us as it was growing outside
Would it tell of the dark moments it knew deep  inside
Woud  it cry out in pain as the weeds pulled on its frame
Would it weep, would it shout, would it tell us its name

If a flower could speak to us what words woud it say
Would it speak of the sunshine or of the dark rainy day
Would it wave at us politely and speak oh so sweet
Would it whisper hellos and make arrangements to meet

If the universe could speak to us, oh  how would it talk
Would it whisper most softly or holler as we walk
Would it speak in our language or not speak at all
Would you know what to say if it chose to call?

With the Infinite..shhh

So softly whispering and echoing deep within
Eternity's agenda is making ready to begin
Mysteriously quiet and entering without noise
God crosses all boundaries:  lets me hear His voice

Words are not needed the soul becomes still
In the presence of the Infinite time carries His Will
Kisses from  Heaven are warming me inside
I am touched by the One who created all outside

Sweet are the moments: the soul begins to pray
And surrenders to the silence that has so much to say
Sweet are the whisperings and sweet is the sound
That comes from the soul whenever God is around.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Makes Me Happy

The snow has fallen this morning and the earth is bathed in white
The blanket from Heaven is comforting; its so pure and so bright
How beautiful the crystal covering is; how pleasing it is  to the eyes
Whenever I awaken to see it;  it's such a wonderful surprise.

It doesn't take much to delight me; the good Lord knows this to be true
A simple snowflake falling, echoes  "God has great love for you".
While some may need riches or honors to be fully  satisfied
I simply need the beauty of nature to awaken my happiness inside.

There's so much beauty around us; there's so much to be happy for
I hope one day to be in an eternity with flowers and trees galore
My ambitions, they aren't so many; my desires they are so very few:
But, if I can live with all God's creatures; this will be my dream come true

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's okay to have emotions

Oh wouldn't it be so nice if every day was a sunny day
And sweetness was oozing out of every single word  we say
And  wouldn't it be so wonderful if we coud always smile
Even when  troubles were many and come to stay  awhile

Wouldn't it be so wonderful and wouldnt it be so grand
If for a single moment we could really understand
That life is like the weather with its good days and its bad
Sometimes we will be happy and other times we will be sad

Its really unrealistic  and so very unfair for us to say
Smile things will get better..there'll come a brighter day
And yet fail to understand that  the feelings we push aside
Are really what bring about healing to the suffering soul inside

Enough with all those theories  that wants to push reality away
Accept the emotions  that are appropriate for the time and day
It's ok to feel unhappy when you're really feeling  sad
And it's not appropriate to be smiling when you're really mad

Sometimes we're wanting to  sprinkle our feelings of good cheer
But we fail to find the  words that others really need to hear
Instead of trying to change them  into something that's unreal
We should try to understand them and   feel what they really feel.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

When will it end

I'm crying because I don't want to go back there.
I'm resisting because I think I've done my share.
Let me be now for I have seen more than enough
Must I go back there and relive all that stuff?

My heart is so enveloped by this  valley of tears
Again my soul is tormented by these ancient fears
How much longer must i endure that  awful place
When will it end and life take on a "normal pace"?

Before it's too late

When you meet someone along the way
Who has become burdened by the day
Do you take the time to stop and  say
I want to be here for you, if  I may

Do you close your eyes whenever you see
Another person enduring some misery
Or do you dig deep inside your heart
And offer to stay until hurts depart

Are you afraid that you might really care
Afraid what others might think if you're  there
Helping another whom others might hate
Will stopping make you just a little too late?

What holds you back from becoming the one
Who carries some hope where there is none
What makes you stop and hesitate
Why not be that hope before it's too late?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sometime's when we're sick...

Sometimes the body must bow beneath the weight of terrible pain
And surrender to some rest so that a renewed strength will remain
Sometimes every turn and every movement that one attempts to take
Immerses one into a  bath that illness has chosen to make

Sometimes the fever's so high that the spirit falls unto the ground
And the soul reaches  for it's Creator where all hope and peace are found
Sometimes the  breathing is labored and the air is very thin:
The coughing takes  center stage and one feels  broken up within.

Sometimes we must let go; so healing can come through
And bring to us the strength we need for everything we must do
Sometimes we're so very  sick;  but we mustn't call life unfair
For in the illness we experience blessings of which we're not aware..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I surrender

Things are happening all around me and I just don't know what to do
People are  saying things to me that I know are absolutely untrue
Yet I haven't got a voice in what's being decided in so many things
Knowing that some see me  as irrelevant certainly has its stings

So I take my wounded self and proceed to sit upon the chilly ground
Waiting to see what will come about from everything  "they have found"
Hoping that the truth will not be brushed aside like dust that flies away
 But  that from this apparent mess order can be restored and stay.

Yet who am I to tell the elements how they should be affecting  the air
I don't have the  power to shift  the process of whats happening anywhere
I can only surrender to the wisdom of  One who holds everything in His hand
Knowing  that what He allows is always good though I  may not understand.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Silence

Softly calling, quietly inviting, gently does she stand
Waiting for me reaching for me with her outstretched hand
Speaking hardly motioning always whispering out my name
Come she says and seek this wisdom hidden within my frame

Who's  this lady who is calling in the darkness of my night
Ever present, ever shining:  heralding the  light
She is patient, she is ready: enlightening  one and all
Listen carefully, look intently: for it's possible to miss her call

Not with sermons or with the media or with any sort of voice
Does she call me or invite me  she comes without the noise
Who is this, then, I'm  speaking of;  I'm sure  you're curious to know
She's none other than sweet Silence, and she's inviting us to grow

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Along the way

The wind breathes into  my spirit and echoes within my heart
The sun kisses me on my cheek and gives my day a start
The birds create their melodies giving sweetness to my day
The earth produces her beauty and delights me along the way

The trees stetch out their limbs and  welcome  this passerby
While flowers with all their colors let out a fragrant sigh
All the world is recreated by the newness of this day
While the universe is giving birth to life along the way

Everywhere I look I can see the fingerprint of God
Way up in the heavens or along the road I trod.
Each and every element is uniting with one voice
Inviting me to believe and listening for my choice

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Seeking

I'm seeking healing from all the things I hold inside
While presenting to the world my unreal smile  outside
I'm seeking wholeness so that I can finally  put aside
What I'm using so that others can't see the things I hide.

I'm seeking freedom from hurts that bind me to the past
From everything that makes me feel like I have to be last
I'm seeking instructions for things  I missed along the way
So that I can be more positive in what I think and say..

I'm seeking myself,  that someone I've never come to know
That lives in my being somewhere deep down below
I am trusting that someone to whom God has led me to
Hoping she  can help me pull my real self through..

Friday, February 3, 2012

The universe is reaching out to you and to me

Chirping away with songs ever so sweet
The birds are singing and its quite a treat
The middle of winter and it feels like spring
My soul is so delighted by everything

The clouds are dressed up in their lightest gray
Holding hands together they keep  the sun away
 But the day is still beautiful as anyone can see
All creation is celebrating and sharing with me.

How blessed we are by the world we share
So much beauty and love permeates the air
We have only to listen and open our eyes to see
That the universe is reaching out to you and to me

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Be Yourself

Where is your heart at the beginning of the day
What governs your thoughts and the words that you say
Who are you  when no one else is able to see?
Are you the same person others believe you to be?

Do you have any  beliefs that you are  afraid to show
Or are you consistently the same wherever you go
Are you the same person when others draw near
That you see looking back as you gaze in the mirror

Who are you really to all the world that's outside
Are you really yourself or does that self have to hide
What would it mean for you  if each and every day
You could be your true self and put the other away?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am fragile

I am fragile and I am able to be broken
I am quiet very few words are ever spoken
I am trembling: things have really frightened me
I am needy but I'm blessed with all my poverty

You are faithful You have taken me by the hand
You are all knowing You show me that You understand
You are all powerful nothing can ever frighten You
You are my everything I lack nothing close to You

With Your guidance I cannot ever lose the way
With Your wisdom I will find the right words to say
With Your spirit I shall breathe in Your lasting peace
In Your presence everything hurtful shall cease