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Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Angels Appear

Angels may come to us as spirits or they may come looking like you or I
They may come to us dressed as a stranger or look like a friend passing by
However the angels may approach us; they'll always have good on their mind
Because angels are God's special agents they're not like anyone we'll find.

Whenever we are stressed or uncertain, whenever our road is too rough
God will surely send out all His angels who'll give us just the right  stuff
But even if our way is not burdened and sorrows are not found anywhere
God's angels will still hover around us His blessings they'll willingly share

It's good to keep close to the angels and remember them every day
They are the best travelling companions as we go along life's  way
We  mustn't become so  important that we push these beings away
For angels are  attracted to the humble; the proud won't let them stay

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