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Thursday, January 26, 2012

She called out to me

How quietly the universe is calling out to me:
She asks me to come away  and enjoy tranquility
Too many are the things that weigh upon my mind
She invites me to come to her to see what I'll find

The wind is softly whispering the day begins to wake
Clouds are holding hands while storms are about to break
Little birds are singing as they watch for the morning light
The universe is so beautiful so pleasing to the sight..

As I'm listening to the music that creation softly plays
The morning star is rising : touching all  with her rays
People I'll never meet are buzzing through the streets
The universe is feeding  me with all  her priceless treats

Now I must be leaving and make ready for my day
But I hold in my heart creation's morning display
I carry in my mind the whisperings of the  wind
And listen to the universe as she forms me deep within


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