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Friday, January 27, 2012

It's up to us

The morning has come to us and we are now waing
The sunlight is inviting; its ours for the taking
So much we could be doing it's the start of our day
Will we keep right on  rushing or take time to pray?

The chill is upon; the  winter wind's blowing
Dark cloudy skies tell soon it'll  be  snowing
The hands on the clock are going   round and around
Time is passing by without making a sound.

Now we must be going; for, we cannot delay
But, how will we be spending  the rest of the day?
Will we  find some meaning in all that we do
Or will it be a routine; something we  pass through?

We all get to choose how we'll be spending this day
We can choose all the  blessings or let them fall away
We must keep our eyes open so that we're  able to see
Whatver this day has in store  for you and for me.

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