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Friday, January 6, 2012

It's okay not to smile

we like to paint a picture for all the world to see
one that is bright and cheery: perfect as can be
yet it it isn't quite the norm to share the struggle inside
we tend to keep that hidden from all the world outside

yet if someone should come to us  shedding a few tears
we think they are quite selfish a little  behind in years
what is it about reality  that makes us shy away
we rather wear a mask than be ourselves each day.

taught to be more cheerful we tend to be afraid
that the feelings deep inside us might be relayed
so we struggle with our emotions and try hard to erase
any sign of  trouble that may show upon our face

whats wrong with being human and showing every side
must we restrain ourselves if we cannot smile outside?
I'd like to think its okay to be however we must be
Crying if we're  sad and smiling when we're happy.

Too much is put on smiling as if thats the only way
Crying is also an emotion which happens in a day
It's not a sign of weakness to let others see our tears
Or is it  a proof of strength to deny we have any fears


  1. Good morning to you Joy. As I knelt in prayer this morning I continuously thank our God for the wonderful way in which He used you on yesterday to save me, to help me, to lift me up. You unselfishly gave your broken heart to me, you gave me your hand, and you lift me upon your shoulders and carried me.I love and appreciate this kind service to me beyond words. Such undying love got to come from heaven. I read the poem you wrote to me over and over again yesterday. I shared it with my daughter and told her my friend gave this to me. It is truly a miracle in my behalf. I want to say to you again today, thank you. The words of this poem shall always be with me. The memory of yesterday is one in which i will cherish always. I pray that God will continue to pour His divine love upon you in wonderful ways as He did for me on yesterday through you...Be blessed forever. Be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I love you Joy.


  2. My Dear Riri.. I am so humbled and know that it is only God who does such wonders though He chooses to use us poor fragile beings to touch others.. and am so happy. that somehow my own brokenness could strengthen you in yours.. you are so very dear to me. . and I would never want to hear you suffering alone.. am here..even if crippled with my own struggles.. because . that is what we should do for each other.. sending much love and warm hugs.. xoxo joy

  3. Riri.. where are you at lately.Are you still here..So miss you ..




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