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Monday, January 30, 2012


It doesn't really matter how rich or poor you are
If you are all well or  nurturing a scar
What really matters, what makes one so dear
Is if someone's needy: the willingness to hear

We don't need the newspapers or cnn news
To tells us what's good or show us the blues
We only need  listen to the voice deep inside
And soon we'll  be  a blessing to our world outside

The media will tell us what sells all their stuff
They'll lie and they'll scheme and its never enough
Till we  toss out our screens and say as one crowd
We won't keep on listening, no more lying allowed

Unless as one people we choose to do right
The agents of darkness will continue their plight
We have to take issue  and say with one voice
We wont be your puppets we've made this our choice

So off with you liars and sellers of junk
We're all wisening up;  your plans we debunk
Truth are the garments we'll be  looking to see
So if you're not wearing them then  you're  history.

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