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Monday, January 2, 2012

A challenge to the powerful....

For all of you who have great power
Know that you too will have your hour
When all   allowed will come to light
All your transactions in  plain sight.

You boast of greatness: favor the strong
While the unemployed can't get along
You have the strength to do the right
But ignore the weak ones in their plight

To those with money you will bend
But to those without you condescend
Great ones always have your  ear
Those who are needy you never hear

Whatever good can come to be
From so much  partiality
How can a system ever be fair
The wealthy keep the poor in despair.

Remember then the price of power
Someday you will have to face the hour..
When  all you've done will come to light
Will you be in the wrong or in the right?

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