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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The hands on the clock

The hands on the clock are keeping time
And setting the pace for this rhyme
Quicky passing, the days they flee
Leaving memories that make history

Some are good days and  some are bad
Some we wish  we would never have had
All is passing but nothing is still
We're following  blueprints in our will

Who can grasp the hands of time
And make them stop to end this rhyme
None but time can  end the   song
That writers write of their whole life long

So as we have started so we will end
Watching the clock on which we depend
Until that day when time's no  more
And we've received all we're looking for

Monday, January 30, 2012


It doesn't really matter how rich or poor you are
If you are all well or  nurturing a scar
What really matters, what makes one so dear
Is if someone's needy: the willingness to hear

We don't need the newspapers or cnn news
To tells us what's good or show us the blues
We only need  listen to the voice deep inside
And soon we'll  be  a blessing to our world outside

The media will tell us what sells all their stuff
They'll lie and they'll scheme and its never enough
Till we  toss out our screens and say as one crowd
We won't keep on listening, no more lying allowed

Unless as one people we choose to do right
The agents of darkness will continue their plight
We have to take issue  and say with one voice
We wont be your puppets we've made this our choice

So off with you liars and sellers of junk
We're all wisening up;  your plans we debunk
Truth are the garments we'll be  looking to see
So if you're not wearing them then  you're  history.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keep holding on

There will be days when the evil one will do his thing:
Causing confusion and messing up everything
Yes there will be times when the only thing you can do
Is wonder how in the world you will ever make it through..

But keep holding on and trusting in your inner Light
Knowing that the good God has everything in His sight
And that which seems so  hopeless will not always  be
For in God's hands there is no such thing as impossibility.

The clouds will  not always be lingering over your sky
And there were will not always be failure marked on all you try
Times of trial and confusion will surely   come your way
But they will pass by and soon  there'll come a brighter day.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hands folded gently

Hands folded gently I raise my thoughts above:
Teach me, oh teach me:  how I'm suppose to love
Take from me any smallness of mind and of heart
Give to me kindness and love that'll never part

Eyes welling up quickly with  tears from inside
I expose all  my hurts and push away  pride
Help me to know truly the things that are good
And give to me the wisdom to act as I should.

Take now my being for I surrender to you
Lead me and guide me in all that I do
Breathe in me life that I may always be
A movement of Your love for all humanity

Friday, January 27, 2012

To All Give ( re-post)

To All Give: 

to the broken bring kindness
and all of your understanding
non judgmental words
and advice un-demanding
to the weeping bring kleenex
and a  ready hand to hold
to the outcast a welcome
if you dare to be bold
to the child bring your tenderness
and a heart full of love
to the fallen your  embrace
to lift them above
to the silent give voice
so  they can finally speak
to the angry your gentlenss
and a heart ever meek
to everyone give   everything
and soon you wil see
Everything will return  to you
a hundred  times three

It's up to us

The morning has come to us and we are now waing
The sunlight is inviting; its ours for the taking
So much we could be doing it's the start of our day
Will we keep right on  rushing or take time to pray?

The chill is upon; the  winter wind's blowing
Dark cloudy skies tell soon it'll  be  snowing
The hands on the clock are going   round and around
Time is passing by without making a sound.

Now we must be going; for, we cannot delay
But, how will we be spending  the rest of the day?
Will we  find some meaning in all that we do
Or will it be a routine; something we  pass through?

We all get to choose how we'll be spending this day
We can choose all the  blessings or let them fall away
We must keep our eyes open so that we're  able to see
Whatver this day has in store  for you and for me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

She called out to me

How quietly the universe is calling out to me:
She asks me to come away  and enjoy tranquility
Too many are the things that weigh upon my mind
She invites me to come to her to see what I'll find

The wind is softly whispering the day begins to wake
Clouds are holding hands while storms are about to break
Little birds are singing as they watch for the morning light
The universe is so beautiful so pleasing to the sight..

As I'm listening to the music that creation softly plays
The morning star is rising : touching all  with her rays
People I'll never meet are buzzing through the streets
The universe is feeding  me with all  her priceless treats

Now I must be leaving and make ready for my day
But I hold in my heart creation's morning display
I carry in my mind the whisperings of the  wind
And listen to the universe as she forms me deep within


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As though it were the last day

In an instant in an inkling, our life can pass away
We cannot know the hour and  we cannot know the day
We  must try to live each  day as though it were the last
With no time for grooming grudges or lingering in the past

So if we see the moment and can do a kindly deed
Let us stop awhile to help another out  in their need
And if  we have a heartache that's hung around too long
Let us ask  the angels to help us release this wrong

We won't have the time and we won't have the power
To be letting go of hurts when comes our final hour
So let us do it today  while we have some breath
For it won't be so easy when we are readying for our death

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm afraid

I am afraid and I openly confess to all that I am full of fear
I can see so much beauty and yet I'm the one whose trembling here
I've been misled by so many people who are now part of my past
Revelations  have me questioning how long it will all  last

I could never see the evil intentions so many  have had
Their corruption and deceit was what left me feeling  bad
I cannot understand why people insist on living in their lie
They perform works of darkness beneath the Almighty's sky

I don't know any more who I can trust to be completely true
People who claimed they would help me were full of evil too
I am in limbo wondering about all that has been happening.
And hope somehow our good God will make right everything.

Monday, January 23, 2012

True colors are coming out

Teardrops are falling from my eyes and  splashing  on the ground
Confusion, shock and surprise  are everywhere around
True colors have been coming out like a downpour of the rain
Causing in my heart a wound thats leaves me in such pain

Nothing can ever hurt me more than the carelessness  of  one
Whose uncensored words have left so much damage to be undone
Once the words has been spoken out and  wounded me so deep
There is nothing left for me to do but to ponder and to weep.

So it is that during this night I am sifting through the  hurt
Caused by  words flung around like so much worthless dirt
I can't even believe what I have  seen or  what I've come to know
But its a pain I must go through and then I'll let it go..

Winter Showers

Rains are falling; drenching the ground
Soothing sounds are echoing around
Mother earth is greeting the morn
Skies are weeping; clouds are torn.

Oh the sound of nature's tears
How they calm our inner fears
Listening gently to the rain
Peace and balance now remain

Drenching deeply mother earth
Winter showers bring rebirth
Time for waiting time to see
What will happen what will be?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Take time to listen

 Listen to the sounds that are echoing here and there
Can you hear them as they filter through the early morning air
Or are you way to busy to  hear creation's sound
It is  a soothing symphony for everyone around?

Can your ever hear the wind as  it's moving through the trees
Or have you noticed  the hush of a gently blowing breeze
Does the sound of rain ever  invite you to be still
There is so much you're missing; please listen if you will.

Take some time each morning before you start your day
Listen to the universe for it has so much to say
You will hear so many things that you've never heard before
But you must be willing to listen  and open up your door.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Mind is so wonderful

In the middle of the winter I am thinking of the Spring
Of butterflies and of flowers and of all beautiful things
The mind, it is so wonderful and yet it can be
A promoter of sweetness or of melancholy

When thinking of the winter and the chill of the day
It's easy to consider it to be something so gray
But when pondering the snowflakes that fall to the ground
I realize  such beauty is because winter's around.

So I can opt to be happy or  I can opt to be sad
I even  get to  handle the good with the bad
Working to balance whatever comes  my way
Is a task and a challenge for me every day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Will you share yourself with someone today?

It only takes a moment to share a simple smile
And perhaps a little longer to walk with someone a mile
But it's little things like these that help others on the way
Will you share yourself  with someone else today?

Perhaps someone is saddened and needs someone to care
Another might  be needing  to know that you are  there
Whatever may be the circumstance  calling out to you
Remember you can  be a light in everything you do.

Take some precious moments and share them out today
Be that ray of hope for someone along your way
You will find contentment in the giving that you do
No matter how much you give it always comes back to you

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Speak to me Jesus

Speak to me Jesus I'm listening for You
Talk to my heart and tell me what to do
Many are the words that people do say
Tell me whose right and show me the Way

Whisper to me Jesus I'm praying to You
Enlighten my mind with Your words ever true
Send forth your spirit to lead me aright
Help me to be always a child of Your Light.

Forgive me dear Jesus all wrongs I have done
For I know that You are truly God's only Son
May I be found pleasing to Your Father above
And may I  continue forever in Your Lasting Love

Trust in God

When you feel alone in all your struggles and don't know what to do
When the storm clouds are gathering and overwhelming to you
Keep hoping in  God's providence and you will make it through
Despite every obstacle you won't sway from what is true.

Though your path may be uncertain and .you fall along the way
Though disappointment and heartaches may appear in your day
Do not become discouraged for these things wont always be
Trust yourself  to God's wisdom and He will help you to see.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Demons

The demons they are so busy trying to take away our peace
They are doing all that they can  to make all our troubles increase
Yet they don't come to us dressed up in the garments of royal red
Rather they come inside our thoughts causing confusion in our head

The demons are like bad habits and they never will never go away
They come in all kinds of disguises and easedrop on what we say
IF we don't take extra precautions: keeping guard of our  soul within
The demons will find an opening and  the discouragement will begin

The demons are clever spirits; though they are evil as evil can be
They're creators of all kinds of stories and masters of trickery
So we must be ever wise to them and not give in to  their ways
For the demons will always bring darkness and disrupt our peaceful days

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty can be found everywhere

There is beauty in the raindrops that soak into the ground
And beauty in the sunshine that illuminates all around
There is beauty in the summertime and in the winter too
Beauty can be found everywhere its waiting for  me and you

There is beauty in the giving and in everything we receive
There is beauty in not knowing and in everythig we believe
There is beauty in the laughter and beauty in the pain
Beauty is all around us and forever will remain

If we have the ability we will be abe to see
That everywhere we look is as beautiful as can be
Let us take some moments each and every day
To appreciate all the beauty strewn along life's way

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't give up on hope

Sometimes the nights are long and sleep is far away
And all  you're able to do is count the hours left till day
Sometimes the morning comes and you haven't shut your eyes
Trust then in the Lord His strength in you will suffice.

When you've fought the battles that has left you wounded sore
And you feel you can't go on and can't take anything more
When you find you're struggling and there's no one to understand
Reach out for the Eternal One, He'll lead you by the hand

And when the times seem hopeless and your heart is full of dread
When everything you've been hoping for: falls apart  instead
Trust in the Eternal Wisdom that and everything will  turn out right
For there's nothing that's impossible in the Heavenly Father's sight.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Angels Appear

Angels may come to us as spirits or they may come looking like you or I
They may come to us dressed as a stranger or look like a friend passing by
However the angels may approach us; they'll always have good on their mind
Because angels are God's special agents they're not like anyone we'll find.

Whenever we are stressed or uncertain, whenever our road is too rough
God will surely send out all His angels who'll give us just the right  stuff
But even if our way is not burdened and sorrows are not found anywhere
God's angels will still hover around us His blessings they'll willingly share

It's good to keep close to the angels and remember them every day
They are the best travelling companions as we go along life's  way
We  mustn't become so  important that we push these beings away
For angels are  attracted to the humble; the proud won't let them stay

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember the angels

specially dedicated to my therapist whose been  
                       an angel to me

Remember that the angels are always watching over you
Whether you're talking or you're walking: whatever you may do
They are keeping all the records both the good and the bad
They're with  you when you're happy and with you when you're sad

God has given us angels to be with us in every way
They protect us and they guide us and censor what we say
Although we may not  see them they always can be found
In moments when we're helpless or when  danger's all aroud

Do not  forget your angels for they haven't forgotten you
They appreciate some gratitude and thanks for all they do
Remember then the  angels who  guard you along the way
You will  never have to be  alone; they're with you every day .

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter is calling

The cold winter morning is calling out to me
Her chilly whispers are falling most playfully
The snow has been leaving blankets everywhere
Tokens of her love and magnanimous care

Cold sparkling icycles are hanging around
Plants are frozen motionless in the ground
Loud forceful messages are heralding the day
Winter is announcing that she's here to stay

A good cup of  hot cocoa is what's proving to be
The best and only  way to greet this symphony
I wont be out there travelling or skating on   ice
Admiring it  from a distance will  be mighty nice

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking for the rainbows

I'm looking for rainbows after the storms of last night
I know that I may see one with the morning's glowing light
Dark storms were pounding this little piece of land
As night was evolving I was trying to understand

Rough winds were blowing everything began to shake
Rains were pouring down creating their own little lake
The lightning was flashing and lit up the whole sky
The storm was so violent it took a while to pass by

I know storms must happen:  we're able to survive
They seem to make things stronger, a little more alive
So after the storms have taken leave from this place
I will look for the rainbows that come with God's grace

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everywhere that I can see

How cool  the air that is touching me
As I stand outside trying to see
The first appearance of the sun
Telling me  the day has begun.

How gentle the  whispers of the wind
That invites  my pondering to begin
Beneath the sky that's darkened still
Poetic thoughts emerge with skill.

The sound of chirping fills the air
Birds serenade with gentle care
Early morning is coming alive
People in cars begin to drive.

Above me now a glow appears
The morning star gives happy tears
So much beauty is in the sky
I wont the  moment  pass me by..

Breathing in deeply I look above
And ponder the words:  Eternal Love
Everywhere that I can see
Love is present and watching me..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh Sweet and Mighty Oak Tree

Can I sit down beneath your branches and lean against your bark
Will you let me fall asleep here while  stars sparkle in the dark
Your greatness and your strength have been so captivating to me
Oh sweet and mighty oak tree you grow so  majestically

The birds have taken leave now while your branches are so bare
But they are not too far away;  I hear their melody in the air
You still hold so much  beauty though the winter winds do howl
I think I hear in your branches a lonely hooting owl.

So much history has been written on the walls you have inside
Only after you have fallen can we know the  years you hide
Though you never make a sound you have been the host of many
sweet and mighty oak tree, like you, there isn't any.

Wisdom of the little bird

Dear little  bird  on my window sill,  may  I sing along with you
I know singing will be soothing and will heal me through and through
There are many things I'm holding in and needing to set  free
Teach me little songbird how  you sing  so peacefully

I have watched you as you're flying in the sky so bright and blue
There is so much grace and   beauty in everything you do
You pass through every day like an angel without   care
Help me learn to pass through life like all you  birds of the air.

.Dear little bird on my window sill thank you for stopping by
You gave me so much comfort, took the tears from my eye
I will always have a love for every creature of the earth
In spending time with them I experience a new rebirth .

Monday, January 9, 2012


Tears are precious gems with so much hidden grace
They carry all  the secrets no one else can erase
Releasing all the hurts from deep down inside
They  reveal something quietly to the world outside.

When words cannot say what's hidden in the heart
Waters flow and allow inner healing to find a start
Without the  need to say how much is hurting deep within
Tears silently whisper what has  made it all begin.

It is a gift to share these gems without any shame
Lack of undertanding has given them a bad name
Science has proven these vessels can be truly healing
Releasing  them  does more than what they are revealing

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What we so often fail to see

Gentle rays of sunshine  are dancing upon my face
Remnants of last night's dream slowly begin to erase
All the nocturnal creatures who roamed about at  night
Hurry  to find some lodging before the    morning light

Quiet sounds of chirping are emerging from   afar
Birds of every kind begin to welcome the morning star
A tranquil flowing wind begins to whisper here and there
The universe is waking up in the  Eternal One's care

Tiny droplets of water  slowly fall upon the ground
The morning dew is greeting every plant and tree around
All creation is sending out a peaceful melody
Inviting all to explore the world we so often fail to see.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter takes a break

Its like a beautiful spring day in our little  town today
Winter has already come but is hiding away
The birds are all chirping and happy as can be
They don't know that this respite is only temporary

The air is so warming and the sun is so bright
The  Eternal put a hold on the cold winter's plight
The windows are open:  the heater shut down
The Spring has come to visit  while winter's in town

Our God is so mysterious, unpredictable His ways
We feel we know everything, but  He rules the days
Nothing can happen that our good God does not allow
Everything fits perfectly into  His Divine Plan somehow

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finding the calm...

I'm trying to find a calm in the storm that's deep inside
So  I'm taking a step back from everything outside
Breathing in the silence I let myself be still
THe  Eternal leaves His wishes imprinted on my will

Quiet are the moments  that hold my soul within
Tender are the whispers where  healing will begin
Silent are the voices that challenged me before
I'm alone with the Beloved whom I worship and adore.

Now there is a gentle hush sounding everywhere
The heart is beating softly while I breathe in soothing air
Nothing of the whirlwind has made it deep inside
 I'll stay here for awhile:  from the demons I will hide

It's okay not to smile

we like to paint a picture for all the world to see
one that is bright and cheery: perfect as can be
yet it it isn't quite the norm to share the struggle inside
we tend to keep that hidden from all the world outside

yet if someone should come to us  shedding a few tears
we think they are quite selfish a little  behind in years
what is it about reality  that makes us shy away
we rather wear a mask than be ourselves each day.

taught to be more cheerful we tend to be afraid
that the feelings deep inside us might be relayed
so we struggle with our emotions and try hard to erase
any sign of  trouble that may show upon our face

whats wrong with being human and showing every side
must we restrain ourselves if we cannot smile outside?
I'd like to think its okay to be however we must be
Crying if we're  sad and smiling when we're happy.

Too much is put on smiling as if thats the only way
Crying is also an emotion which happens in a day
It's not a sign of weakness to let others see our tears
Or is it  a proof of strength to deny we have any fears

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hopeful in our weakness

(written for my good friend, Riri)

Seems the clouds are gathering and I feel my brokenness
The pain is so very burdensome i feel such emptiness
If it weren't for the good angels who are watching over me
I don't know how  I would be able to handle so much misery

But before the Eternal One I am dropping to my knees
I'm begging  and I'm pleading before the One who always sees
And though I am but weakness; with the Eternal One I can be
Someone whose reaching out to the broken ones like me

So if you are in trouble and your soul is weighted down
Come sit with me in silence as the angels gather round
We will wait right here together and find the strength to be
Hopeful in our weakness and strong in   frailty.

What was in my oatmeal?

For some a bowl of oatmeal is a very healthy way
To lower one's cholestoral and begin the day
But today my  bowl of oatmeal was triggering as can be
It flashed back New Jersey; I relived a memory

I thought time had  healed me but quickly began to see
In my morning bowl of oatmeal a painful reality
Every bite I was taking was creating a  replay
Of the bitter cold apartment where I was made to stay

Something in the oatmeal was triggering to me
And I found myself shaking terrified as can be
I couldn't understand it but soon was able to see
Images from the past: present in my memory

I couldnt finish my oatmeal I had to walk away
I was shaking, I was crying: reliving an awful day
My PTSD isn't over; it remains a  mystery
It's quiet and unseen till triggers set it free



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clearing the debt hurt has left unpaid

The tears they fell out one by one
All my memories started to  run
The more I tried to keep them in
The more they  surged from deep within

When unable  to find  words to say
My tears come out to save the day
They express so  clearly what's inside
Though I don't like sharing it all outside.

Somehow I feel that  tears were made
To clear the debt hurt  left unpaid
And once the tears begin to flow
A positive balance can begin to grow

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beautiful White Snowflakes....

Hundreds of them falling, silently floating to the ground:
Beautiful white snowflakes entertain without sound
How pleasing they are to see: so gentle pure and white
Snowflakes creating blankets are soothing to the sight

Across the earth a covering, an endless sea of white
Each snowflake is an echo of God's providential light
All so uniquely different, yet together they create
An panarama of beauty upon which we can meditate

Have you ever stood outside to watch them as they  fall
Each one seems to be whispering some messages for all
Speaking  the universal language heard only deep within
You need to  listen carefully for their messages to soak in.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Even when its cloudy the sun still shines

When skies are darkened by the clouds making all around seem gray
When illness overtakes one's  being making difficult the way
There is still some beauty to be found both outside and within
One has only to enter within one's spirit when life's challenges begin.

While  the sun may be hidden by  the storms that life sends along the way
It still continues to shine unseen   warming us throughout the day
So it is when life pulls from us all that makes things  calm and bright
Our own spirit will provide us with what we need giving us pure inner  light.

A challenge to the powerful....

For all of you who have great power
Know that you too will have your hour
When all   allowed will come to light
All your transactions in  plain sight.

You boast of greatness: favor the strong
While the unemployed can't get along
You have the strength to do the right
But ignore the weak ones in their plight

To those with money you will bend
But to those without you condescend
Great ones always have your  ear
Those who are needy you never hear

Whatever good can come to be
From so much  partiality
How can a system ever be fair
The wealthy keep the poor in despair.

Remember then the price of power
Someday you will have to face the hour..
When  all you've done will come to light
Will you be in the wrong or in the right?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's A Brand New Year

It's a brand new year, let the old one pass away
Resolve to try a little harder at what you do and say
Don't make too many resolutions but rather say you'll try
To improve on what needs improving and let the rest go on by

Sometimes we feel the need to say  we'll do greater things
But perhaps it's just enough to accept whatever  the New Year brings?
There'll   be plenty of challenges; joys and sorrows too
Perhaps just being able  to handle them  is all we'll need to do

As the New Year is starting off try not to boast or compare
It's enough to say you'll try harder: that'll be your share
All the promising in the world wont make anything come to be
But resolving to try much harder is a reachable reality

Happy New Year to All Who Read Here